Gong Linna and Faye Wong: criticize her because of heartache

Gong Linna Faye Wong Z

wangyiyule· 2017-03-27 16:38:55

entertainment NetEase reported on March 27th March 26th, Gong Linna in the program and a double Yi Ruo on Faye Wong's singing remarks, she criticized Faye Wong because heartache: "such a good singer, singing down, if these large the stars, they do not work hard, the China music should look to who? "

this audience is holding the two attitude, one is to speak out in support of Gong Linna music" is not it? "The other is that this is Gong Linna rub heat, hype," this is the fifteenth time to mention the teacher Faye Wong, Mr. Gong Linna".

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