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juziyule· 2017-03-27 20:20:12

film version of the "Sansheng III ten peach blossom" can be said to be a small and self willed crew.

" is because the mean has been more than a year, wouldn't see their material, you said the angel Yang Yang and her sister so flourishing beauty, hidden really reasonable?

willfulness is this week finally announced the release of other character posters.

" this, but quite shocked ah, Luo Jin Yan fold.

version of Yan Yi wide Qingcang, you shrink is not quite capricious! It was hard to see Yan Yikuan's face as Zhang Shuai was the father of the mirror.

, in fact, can not always be reluctant to leave the crew too stingy, after all, was once sent to the audience of sugar in, after all, the id_imagebox_6.

in the film a year, they also announced a jump to punish Sendai stills, although that is the left child heart line ah, but actually update the status.

", saying this orange Jun also did not have the confidence, believe that many people have the same heart tired ah Jun and orange.

because we want to be the night Hua, is the first eight universal beauty aunt, don't jump to Sendai.

finally, today's Yang Yang version of the eve of the Chinese fixed makeup photos out of the! It is time and again make it out! (I wait today for a long time, for a long time...

...) you can't wait to see the orange one eye, well, so you probably makeup as long

" very handsome, eye if Lang stars eyes revealed a deep, calm calmly, Yan value can be, very handsome! This is the face of

just offended stylist or retouchers ah, although very handsome, but there are a lot of strange that...

" although you think handsome with orange weird, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of the fans. They have said that this is China in the eyes of the night.

as well as book powder said no regrets.

" and even some netizens than literary talent, calm makeup copywriting are wonderful, it is master everywhere!

I don't know how you feel, feel that their only orange Jun may have to take a look at a calm makeup, because their feelings are too superficial! Experienced users!

" to see the fans so enthusiastic cheers, Ju Zijun as if the thought of drama version of "sansei III" broadcast, uncle Hua calls the night.

" at that time we also exclaimed Mark for cosmetic version of the interpretation of the Chinese character acting night, let him become the eyes of the audience in the night of china.


hopes to put some movie stills aunt and uncle, thank you!

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