Jackson: it's funny to see Tian Jing take a gun

Tian Jing Jackson soldier

juziyule· 2017-03-27 20:20:17

"King Kong: Skeleton Island", looking at the super gorilla hand tearing all kinds of monsters, in the cinema really cool.

as the saying goes, there must be a qualified villain in a successful film, "King Kong" in the Vietnam War Parker undoubtedly adds a lot to the film. When Parker insisted on looking for diamond revenge, we were so angry that he beat his stomping, when he laid explosives for King Kong to step into the trap, because we worry about the safety of the diamond diamond when palms sweating, a fist hammer die Parker, we are relieved to almost clapped.

Parker is a villain in the film, but he has to admit that he is also a strong style of existence, he and King Kong also contributed to the film's most powerful one.

" this scene to see people willies ↑ Samuel Parker played

· Jackson, in a white dominated Hollywood accumulated the highest grossing actor, he is 69 years old this year, still maintained the working frequency of every year 5-6 movie, in the "King Kong": "XXX" Skull Island "the Avengers" "fantasy Castle" Miss Pei is his figure.

Samuel · Jackson was a late bloomer actor, just when he ran a side in the stage to hone his first acting role was the 1994 classic "pulp fiction" in Jules.

Jules is not a general of the underworld, read "pulp fiction" who is hard to forget before he shot a cadence that Bible monologue, powerful gas field, like a death sentence, read. The solid line skill is Samuel · the advantage of Jackson, also is the characteristic.

" Samuel is a "Jedi", he played all temperature masters in the "Star Wars" series, with purple lightsaber. And the Venerable Master Yoda, mace Windu is · the Supreme Council of the Jedi in a respected senior member, he resolutely, great wisdom.

" in addition, he still marvel movie series in the aegis bureau chief Nick, first appeared in the "Iron Man", black eye, head, long fur clothing. To lead the iron man, black widow, Thor, the United States, these super heroes, you have to choose a strong gas field actor. Samuel not only contracted the role, even after the 2002 comic image is also designed according to his image.

in the "liberated Jiang Ge", Samuel played an old black housekeeper, like dogs like to serve the master, on the surface of deep in slavery, but lost to the owner after Jiang Ge is a revenge. It is worth reading the role of contradiction.

" in the "eight villains", Samuel will be a despicable bad guy portrayed penetrating, netizens said that every time I see him talking to find him from the screen to beat.

"ace agent", Samuel plays a "boom" villain, hat, shoes, wear the same color, to talk rapidly to sell their products to the heads of state, then secretly implemented population cleanup plan, a crazy careerist.

"Miss Pei's fantasy drifting" in which he is a white haired, white eyed, to eat the child's eyes eccentric.

Samuel · Jackson created many classical roles, and most are the villain, people can not help wondering if he has a preference for the villain, but Samuel says that his chosen role is not what, just choose in the play the most interesting role. In fact, a character is not a bad guy is also determined by the audience, like the "King Kong" in the park.

"King Kong" in the background of the Vietnam War is not long after the end of the war, there are strong traces of the Vietnam War, reflected in the most on the role of parker. Parker's role is a microcosm of a group of people, they can not escape the impact of the war, the war has a traumatic obsession. At the beginning of the film, the United States announced the withdrawal of the

, Parker to a bunch of medals in despair, and later received a phone call from superiors, received an escort expedition team, he said with a smile: Thank you, sir.

shows that Pike's soldiers have become accustomed to the war, the war of faith, from the gunfire to make him feel empty.

Samuel said, "Parker is a fighter, a man who believes in war and wants to end the war in his heart. So he was very pleased with the extra action, and if it hadn't been done, he would have retired and returned to his home. After the island, they were King Kong

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