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zhongguoyouerjiaoyuwang· 2017-03-27 22:54:05

hearing ticking network according to the date before the federal court of Canada the trial data show that a Chinese man from Chinese, mother and sister in the guarantee immigration provides false information, although two relatives once won the Canadian identity, but later found out he Department of immigration fraud facts, or they will cancel the identity of repatriation; and before the Chinese unlicensed immigration consultant, large-scale forged application documents made thousands of China immigration status, even has won the Canadian identity for many years, are also facing the identity of cancellation and repatriation.

" according to the Canadian court recently heard of a case, when a Chinese man guarantee mother and sister immigrants of fraud, although two relatives from Canadian identity, but after the Immigration Department found application for immigration document fraud. Although the man and his relatives have been in Canada for 9 years and 2 years, the Department of immigration has removed their status and sent them back to the country. The

client is a man surnamed Tang, May 2006 to spouses reunited immigration status to land in Canada, to obtain permanent resident status in Canada, but a year later, the man and the guarantor of divorce. In October 2007, he himself as a guarantor, began to apply for a family cluster of immigrants for the mother and sister, in January 2013 the application, the mother and sister to obtain permanent resident status in canada. In 2015, the Department of immigration found that Tang's family in the guarantee of immigration applications to exaggerate their income, and forged work records.

day before the Department of immigration to the court for misrepresentation of the immigration process on the grounds, cancel the Tang and his mother and sister Canada as permanent residents, the Canadian border Bureau issued a deportation order on the three. But Tang said he refused to submit to the immigration and refugee appeals court judicial review, claiming that he could not be repatriated to china. The reason is that after his divorce, and his new girlfriend gave birth to a son, the child is only two years old, and his girlfriend is not good enough to take care of his son, Tang raised sympathy and humanitarian reasons, continue to stay in canada.

Tang said to the federal court, he made a slight degree of fraud in the security application documents, this factor should not exceed the humanitarian factors he raised. But the court found that the false statement is a very serious nature of the behavior, seriousness of the damage to the Canadian immigration system, before a federal judge ruled that the denial of the Tang judicial review request, border departments deportation effectively.

before the outbreak of the largest area of Vancouver, Canada's largest immigration fraud case. Chinese unlicensed immigration consultant Wang Xun, over the years, a large number of forged documents to help more than 1200 applicants to defraud the status of Canadian immigrants. The immigration fraud case, regardless of the number of people involved, the size of the fraud and the amount involved is unprecedented in canada. Wang Xun was sentenced to 7 years in prison and fined $900 thousand at the end of last year. After Wang Xun appeal, has been dismissed.

and more than 1200 clients who have been identified as immigrants by false documents, even though they have been in Canada for many years, are also faced with the identity of the cancellation and repatriation of the fate of the country. Senior lawyer William Lin said: "if the federal government has to any citizen of the people, and then found that this person has fraudulent behavior, or illegal behavior, a relationship with the application process, so that the federal government has the right to cancel his Canadian identity, regardless of immigration or citizenship it can be cancelled. "

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