NanJing South Railway Station was killed card: 90 Chongqing guy

Chongqing Nanjing South Station dead

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(Modern Express News reporter Liu Weijuan Gu Yuansen) the afternoon of March 26th, with the touch shocking tragedy in NanJing South Railway Station, a man crossing between the two platforms of the track area, is an arriving trains squeeze, lower body serious injuries, until rescue personnel rescued when he has no life signs. (see March 27th Modern Express 6). March 27th afternoon, the modern express reporter learned that the train was squeezed to death a man 27 years old this year, Chongqing, relevant departments are currently investigating the matter further.

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the death of the man from Chongqing is suspected of adventure over run and catch the train station

Modern Express reporter learned that the train was squeezing the man carry ID card information display, he was born in Chongqing, 1990. According to the analysis, the man is preparing to travel from Nanjing to Wuhan, which led to his death D3026 train may be his life risked climbing over the platform to catch the train. It is understood that the NanJing South Railway Station has been based on the identity of the man to get in touch with their relatives, the family is currently rushed to Nanjing.

NanJing South Railway Station staff said that the surveillance video from the scene, the man suddenly jumped from platform 22, trying to turn on the 21 platform, the results failed to turn up, causing him to get stuck in between the train and the platform. At that time, the driver of the train at the station has been seen in front of the track area, and the fastest speed to stop, although the speed is not very fast, but did not prevent the tragedy occurred.

in accordance with the provisions of the railway, the NanJing South Railway Station does not need to set the safety door

Modern Express reporter learned that, for the establishment of the security door, the railway also has relevant provisions.

"Regulations" railway technical management 143rd rules: no train or by train through the speed of not more than 80km/h, the edge of the platform from the center line of the distance 1750mm from the edge of the platform, security marking 1000mm. The train speed is greater than 80km/h, the edge of the platform from the center line of the distance 1800mm from the edge of the platform, security marking 1500mm, set the safety protection facilities at a distance from the edge of the platform at 1200mm when necessary, 200km/h and above shall be set by the train safety door door, and other protective equipment; the train through the maximum speed should not exceed 200km/h.

NanJing South Railway Station, all the stops to stop the train station platform. The train stops, the speed is not greater than 80km/h, therefore, in accordance with the above provisions, no need to set the safety door. NanJing South Railway Station, said the relevant personnel, the distance from the train station is only a few centimeters, feet are not easy to plug in, which is taken into account to prevent accidents. NanJing South Railway Station is not only the platform gap or height, is the national construction standards, is in line with the scientific demonstration of the distance between the platform and the train".

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