God day vs Vientiane days DAC group phase NB with Liquid

Vientiane group stage dota2 power

youqudian· 2017-03-28 01:08:58

3 27 16:30, DOTA2 Asian Invitational group phase B group ushered in a strong confrontation Newbee and Liquid. The two teams can be said to be recognized in the eyes of domestic and foreign game player and the top teams, two teams deliver the goods, bring two high quality of the competition for the majority of fans.

today's two game is "Vientiane days" VS "God day", the first Newbee team in the early disadvantage, with the A staff and other big blue cat king hit number wave group control group to complete the perfect comeback. The second game is the miracle of Gokar's personal show, killing the 0 dead and 13 assists in the show turned over the audience, blind kill uuu9 dominate the operation is even more impressive than the. It can be said that this is the first day so far the most exciting game.

bring the following news:

" the first game of the much anticipated war soldier brother did not appear miracle, miracle brother surgeon Kensai advantage development road, both sides are not what good opportunities online. Six minutes and forty seconds, with the green shoes Kaka skarner invasion of wild areas, found wild Dunshou centaurs with shadow priests, soldier came to accelerate the match easily won a blue blood, then directly with the advantages of road kill troops rushed the dog tower, Newbee opened the first situation.

20 Newbee and they kill the messenger minutes after withdrawal of late, after successive liquid and left skarner light blue cat, will recover some of the situation. Twenty-two minutes Newbee with the advantage of rapid play lineup shield, liquid, response time choose to give up, blue shield. Twenty-four minutes to steal the blue cat rubick first strokes and kill fish, however Newbee flying dog combination time reached the battlefield, the fish came to buy war, Newbee with two brother strong output Liquid kill four, which kill fish and buy only the light alone.

33 minutes Newbee fog attack but not be broken liquid retreat high tower, then take on the altar after the liquid hasty attack to kill the king, the liquid is back as avatar Newbee flying dog two big brother all the harvest, then with soy sauce kill gold, with two generations of meat mountain shield. Then the two sides around the highlands and meat hill for nearly 20 minutes of contention, the two sides frequently hand over to buy live, but did not break the deadlock in substance.

53 minutes on both sides day wild area ushered in a war, Newbee first flying dog the most fat alchemist, people out of the A staff / save gold, rubick to steal fish people on the direct push on the floor to stun the four. A omnislash scepter Kensai kill Newbee four, then liquid the opportunity to directly break Newbee on two puppies to buy live also of no avail. Clean out the line of soldiers after NewBee to win the four generation meat mountain, update A rod six incarnation blue cat Payne, Vientiane amabiki pulled to chase liquid four, eat cheese led kill liquid two, four big brother, and anti breaking liquid road, the NewBee was forced to buy live after choose to retreat.

Newbee many wonderful play with perfect teamfights

70 minutes, NewBee with excellent vision of the advantage of open group, two people flying dog with A rod skarner play wireless control, while the liquid to fight anti kill blue cat, but the latter immediately rushed to the battlefield to buy live, liquid the full kill shield, alchemy. Although the miracle brother can buy, but still difficult to stop Newbee and death. Rather than buying live down after the alchemist in the Juggernaut again, in the world under the tree fell hopelessly outnumbered, but liquid hit GG, Newbee finally took a seventy minute war, was the first one.


Liquid released the first innings defeat brother Carle King miracle, line with just three choice female ice king, with strong line capacity of three people rushed to tower kill Newbee light soil cat double soy sauce, then with high machine the prophet Carle's power and fire to continue to expand the advantages of online Newbee, only one normal development of alchemy. 20 minutes on the road he closed the line, in a hidden knife wonder brother Kensai after the precise positioning, like hair + + freely flowing style of writing the complete blind kill fire. Highlights

this miracle brother a lot, but this is certainly TOP1

25 minutes, situation and the Liquid want to catch forward, met Sccc the results to a mountain, with subsequent to juggernaut, in the miracle of Carle front still kill brother three people after the retreat. Two minutes later, found that the instability of liquid selected shield, and just make harvesting jump knife to kill the first decisive Xiaoqiang female ice king double soy sauce, Carle cut out empty blood ghost walking shoes fly away.

38 minutes Newbee suddenly launched an attack, to hit the road with the line of prophets skarner attack, the two sides once again launched the battle group. No solution the impact of liquid fertilizer lead formation, while liquid relies on multiple control skills gradually pull formation, and buy a small juggernaut
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