Car wash the old driver: 50 thousand and 1 tyrant favorite

Luxury car car industry realm car wash shop

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if you see a man in front of a luxury car company, you'll definitely want the next second he will brush circle of friends to show off their wealth. But this is not little foreign wealth, only the sun drying their car washed car.

" to spend 10 dollars to wash a car, you will feel very cost-effective, but spent 50 thousand to wash a car? You must have been killed! However, the tyrant who said value for money, and even queued to make an appointment.

" the little brother called Paul Dalton, he opened a Miracle Detail car wash shop in the UK, the store from the car wash workers to the cashier only one person, guanggansiling typical.

" don't look looks young, but the old Paul driver car wash industry, have 30 years of car service, 13 years from the beginning of the * * *, but now he is washing countless professional car cleaning industry.

" can only be called another car wash car wash, car wash shop Paul is like a luxury car exhibition hall, uniform lighting settings, let the car even more ambilight.

Paul" is a special contests the car wash workers need 61 procedures, he took a car to spend time at least 64 hours.

in front of the car wash, Paul will do a good job of car protection measures, blocking all gaps with waterproof tape to prevent water stains into the car interior.

will not engage in scientific research is not a good car wash boss! Paul decontamination lotion used is their own research and development, the secret is not open, a liter of 520 yuan.

" high input to a fine, Paul used car wash foam is advanced imported goods, 720 yuan per liter, the instant seckill cheap car lotion.

in waxing, Paul will use a special magnetic soil body to check again, completely remove the attachment in the body of the iron, in order to prevent the waxing process scratches the body.

" to wax the car is a tedious work, because it is not a simple one, but to brush foot six. Paul car wax is not an ordinary car wax, which contains high palm oil, the price of up to 80 thousand yuan.

Paul" is not a simple car, more like an automotive engineer, he know all about cars, so cleaning the car interior is also handy. Engine, rear compartment, inner side of the glass, roof ceiling, carpet … … 360 no dead side cleaning.

" in the completion of all the processes, Paul will not forget the check carefully, he will do a careful scan on the vehicle microscope, ensure that the vehicle is completely clean and free of any damage.

" because of the Paul excellence, before the harvest for the nouveau riche customers, of course there will be some celebrities come here. Paul washed cars are luxury cars luxury cars, all kinds of limited!

Paul" most proud of is that the photo of that moment, let him feel that everything is worth paying.

back to someone who had advised him to change, Paul was fortunate enough to stick to it. Now he has his own company, has its own official website, with a steady flow of passengers, has become a legendary car wash.

cleaning and flushing, iron absorption and wax … … the 61 process is tedious, Paul insisted that one day in and day out, bright as a mirror of the body, is the best proof of Paul perfect work.

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Car wash the old driver: 50 thousand and 1 tyrant favorite

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