Flying self! Jolin flop his expression pack

Jolin look something

wangyiyule· 2017-03-28 05:34:13

Jolin sun expression package

NetEase reported on March 28th that the star entertainment expression package, Jolin also no more than boy Kang low expression of perfect harnessing. In March 27th, Jolin micro-blog by drying out a picture with their prototype expression package, in the picture, Jolin painted exquisite makeup, eyes sharp, expression is very domineering, with aura, a condescending look. The picture with interesting text "you are what I was, what was! "

Jolin sees this picture oneself also cannot help laughing, praise way:" ha ha ha ha ha ha … … be! "After the exposure of this micro-blog, provoked a public Internet users have onlookers and leave a message, said:" ha ha ha, domineering! "One comes with a face pack appearance … …" the more self flying! "

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