Let Cecilia Cheung jealous of beauty, only her

Cecilia Cheung beauty only TV series

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"smiling softly, swaying," said "beauty of God" Gigi Lai.

last night, a Gigi Lai to participate in the early years of the program's motion diagram exposure in the early days of the year, causing onlookers to the Internet.

action figure, Gigi Lai was wearing a collar sweater, long hair, her fashionable, that time has been put on the chocker!

smile, Athena Chu beauty and the side of the outrageous.

users have said that while the beauty is really • beauty, no filters, not uniform red face stiff plastic net.

has always been confident of beauty Cecilia Cheung said: in this world, I only admit that Gigi Lai is more beautiful than me.

beautiful, even the time can also be suspended for her =''>

the day before yesterday, Ada Choi drying out with the same frame of the photo of Gigi Lai, with the text, my wife, sister, 10 years ago, we still want to love today! There is also a happy family"!

10 years ago, two people has worked in the TV series "Zhuguangbaoqi" had played a pair of sisters face is beautiful.

now ten years later, again with the box, the beauty remains.

Gigi Lai response: cherish our friendship, Thanksgiving has a sister you are always around me.

" is not only the users it violated the gravity principle, even the "Hua Fei goddess" Jiang Xin can not help but praise: no change.

"perview_img_p" in the little stammer, crying distressed.

makeup becomes pure, gold is very obsessed, fine grain.

" costume beauty peak achievement. Zhou Zhiruo and Zhao Min

incompatible as fire and water, she had wonderful interpretation of different versions.

veil of this scene, eyes, forget how many times.

switching Zhao Min's smile, is a beautiful time.

"golden beauty" in Yu Ying, plain lining her refined temperament.

was 33 years old, Gigi Lai, or with a full sense of a girl.

" pear nest light, beauty in the fight to Gigi Lai, and some on the list.

class= beauty, always with more or less pride, Gigi Lai. Although

was born into a family of movies, she did not get the slightest glory.

Gigi Lai was born, because deaf father The family is in straitened circumstances., meningitis in housing does not have the right to speak.

one family from the house out, dwelling in even the toilets are not, and the mouse with a daily.

mother drove the van to support the family, Gigi Lai also came out early to play the stage, sharing the burden of the mother.

14 year old singer Sam Hui was excavated into the entertainment industry.

half work and half a day, holding more than and 300 dollars reward, filming at the same time, but also take into account their own learning.

busy making money, but also to withstand the question from the outside world, said she hit the family name of the film in.

until the "war and beauty" red, Gigi Lai finally to late blooming.

is also at that time, the increase in income, Gigi Lai really dare to buy something for themselves.

but this did not last long, just three years later, his brother Li baby car accident.

Gigi Lai announced the shutdown of the celebrity, to take care of my brother and his family.

" in addition to take care of his younger brother, also to carry the brother's company, doing business.

, diligent efforts to fight, the company listed on this day, Gigi Lai completed his "I have mixed feelings, dream"!

" thousand sails, Gigi Lai beauty does not change. The

family is the inexhaustible power she struggled, but after the storm the bright smile is the most beautiful.

years may lose face, but failed in the heart.

is full of abundant strength of the kernel, is the beauty stand

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