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HD StarCraft Chinese official

52PKyouxiwang· 2017-03-28 13:08:05

StarCraft HD remake coming! So when does the StarCraft HD remake? What's the difference between and the original? Here we bring StarCraft HD remake introduced .

StarCraft HD remake

StarCraft HD remake:

Blizzard recently held a "StarCraft" Nineteen anniversary celebration meeting, Blizzard CEO Mike Mohan attended and announced, "StarCraft" HD remake is coming, available time is this summer.

StarCraft HD remake support official Chinese . Reworked content includes reworked units, buildings, and the environment, and has improved the game's voice, increased support resolution. Cutscenes will a new perspective to portray A Tanni, Feinikesi, Tassadar, Reynolds and Kerrigan hero, victory of their plight and hard-earned. What's more, the perfect StarCraft experience will be preserved in its original place.

in addition, the "StarCraft" will be upgraded to the original version 1.18, in addition to update patches, "StarCraft" original (including the mother of the nest war DLC) will be completely free.

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