Dear Jimmy guests, thank you, and look forward to meet again!


changchenghui· 2016-05-03 10:31:46

dear Jimmy guests (GMICers by the Great Wall Organized by the theme of "< span style =" font family: Verdana; "> the world resonance " 2016 in the global mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) under the attention of people from all walks of life, after 5 days of the conference, in 5 months 2 day in Beijing, a perfect ending. In addition to the continuation of the previous as the top mobile Internet industry conference platform to build thinking collision cross industry, cross sectoral, conference activities for the first time in the form of high-end industries covered summit, "Hello Future-GMIC X < / span> annual festival" ;" Hello Tech-GMIC X GMIC

in this, we to all participants, sponsors and exhibitors, partners, entertainment star and volunteers said heartfelt thanks!

in the past 5 days, from the global 48 countries and regions style= inherit; text-indent: 37px; font-family:; color: #4F81BD; >35837 style= inherit; text-indent: 37px; font-family: Cambria; " participants "line-height: inherit; text-indent: 37px; font-family: Cambria;" >, and from the global 708 speakers, 496 Exhibitors and < span style = "line-height: inherit; >1000 more than a media reporter gathered in this, to jointly explore the industry hot, display a cool technology . The bird's nest night, leading figures from science and technology, music, film and the three major areas of the common interpretation of cross-border and innovation style= inherit; text-indent: 37px; font-family: Cambria; "18 a great spirit of the Internet 10000 heavyweight guests to witness this historic moment, " dozens of online platform watch the the GMIC X annual festival, creating a new record of large domestic industry Festival live. In addition, we first held in "Hello tech Temple" scene, the audience of , they in the field direct volume check the most trendy cool technology products, immersive feel the life changing technology.

Dear Jimmy guest who, I hope you like this show.

we look forward to the future, so we invite big coffee with global technology results of their technique to help you see the future;

we appreciate the cross, so we put the star studded in the nest, build a " top" text-indent: 32px; line-height: inherit; font-family:; "> audio-visual feast, show cross-border technology and entertainment;

we believe that change, so we in the temple on science and technology let everyone through the real experience, great change of abundant public awareness on the progress of science and technology, science and technology and experience to bring to life.

in the past eight years, the Great Wall will have the privilege to witness and to promote the development of China and the global mobile Internet industry. Every time we grow, we are closely related to your attention and support. Hope in your support, we can make use of GMIC this platform poly set more creative force, together with the farther.

don't forget early heart, the party must always. Look forward to meet again!

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