Summer is coming, let the baby put on a swimsuit to embrace the sea!

Swimming suit summer sea time

tongzhuangliuxingqushi· 2016-05-03 12:17:19

summer is about to come, as if the cold winter is still yesterday, the hot weather suddenly came. Taking advantage of the arrival of the May Day holiday, mom and dad and baby is not going to the seaside resort? Want to embrace the sea, how can the baby do not have swimsuit upper body? Put on a lovely swimsuit, go to the beach "wave" about it! < p > you pull a small partner, floral swimsuit to wear on the United States and the United States. This is called seaside resort ~

supercapacitors wave swimsuit brings some retro feel, with playful concave type," spike "fans in the sea!

you hear the sound of the waves in the conch ~

you in the sea feel the cool sea water ~

print tassel design solid swimsuit is charming!

supercapacitors colorful bathing suit shall so beautiful?

supercapacitors pull on the small partners to discuss where to play?

supercapacitors to flag to wear on the body is also very cool! Summer

supercapacitors how the ice cream do?

supercapacitors and her mother to go to the beach walk through the open heart!

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