DOTA2 Asian invitational tournament SOLO 8 into the 429 day started

Dota2 Asia Invitational the loser

danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2017-03-29 10:18:44

3 29 DAC group phase at the end of the day, the winner and loser group team until after the end of the game will be announced the main event. And the day of the game will not end with the end of the group stage, the players concerned about the SOLO game 8 into the 4 phase of the competition will be followed by. The 8 contestants were voted by the players from all 60 DAC players.

SOLO race to take a single defeat system, 8 players ranked according to the vote against the group, the first vs eighth, the vs of the seventh, third vs of the sixth, the fourth vs. In addition to the finals BO3, other games are BO1 SOLO shadow model. Semi finals and finals will be held in the DAC main event second match days (April 2nd).

SOLO" rules of the game:

8 4 and BO1 were used to semi finals: Shadow SOLO.

finals BO3: the first Bureau for the first second SOLO shadow; Bureau of bureau of Heroes (except shadow) negative selection, and then the two sides of the same hero SOLO third; the Bureau for the second selected hero (remove the Shadow Council loser), the two sides with the hero SOLO. It is forbidden to use the wild


1. ban sealing direction, change the way the soldier soldier (such as gully)

3. disabled Soul Ring

4. disabled soul tear


6. Rune Ban Ban Yun bottle of


PS: the prohibition of the use of the altar at the start of the system will both buy messenger


preferred to kill each other two times or push off each other outside a tower of victory.

Author: DOTA2 official

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