Wonderful car headlights broke the rain does not repair the goldfish

Wonderful work goldfish headlight

xinhuawang· 2017-03-29 11:29:29

" according to the British "sun" reported that Matthew - Krebs is a flooring store owner, has been to the shop floor because the bus stop in front of the store, plus car headlights and a hole, every time it rains in the headlights will be filled with rain. In order to solve the problem, the young man thought of a way, since it has been difficult to drain into the water, simply put the fish into the fish tank is also good. Please indicate the source, more exciting content from the penguin "sweet and sour international."

a rain, Matthew went to a pet shop and bought a small goldfish, in order to guarantee the hole drilling car headlights in it. Matthew said: "my colleagues also think this idea is very interesting. "

this bus has been in use, and the goldfish has also been the favorite of many customers at the floor store.

Matthew and colleagues in the shop will also add water and feed the goldfish in time.

if the goldfish is abnormal, Matthew will take it out of the headlight to ensure its safety. The picture shows Matthew special floor for goldfish.

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