Yang Mi said after the white audience also see Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei Yang Mi poster audience

juziyule· 2017-03-29 13:50:29

drama version of the third generation of ten peach blossom when the broadcast, the whole network are basically chasing this drama, every day's popular micro-blog search has been the name of this drama starring and topics.

even when the play ended, no white light # topic after micro-blog also brush out # Yang Mi.

" for the topic, Yang Mi also said "this sentence is not I am not our company said, after the will to pay attention to the movie version of" ten peach "iii.. "

is just the most recent version of the exposure of the Liu Yifei version of the shallow white poster, let us look at how the effect of it!

" after watching this picture can only say that Liu Yifei Yan values are not really covered, simple white gauze like clothes, no flashy dress headdress, but enough to make people all eyes.

eyebrow tail straight up, let Liu Yifei look a bit more heroic spirit, but also for her surprise.

, in short, orange monarch is still looking forward to this version of the white light it?!

, as compared to the drama version of "Sansheng III" night of a black Chinese outfit.

Yang Yang form a military uniform, more valiant and heroic in bearing is also a little more murderous.

" this is a phoenix off Yan large prehistoric times pregnancy out of the creation of the world, other posters off Yan opera version of the pink based.

" and the shadow version of the folding Yan, played by Luo Jin, Ju Zijun think that this style not Phoenix, but I suddenly thought of the parrot...

" from the father of the mirror Qingcang in TV dramas and night China as in black shape, very dignified.

" in the film version by Qingcang costume handsome Yan Yi wide as orange, how he felt than Jun "father", "brother" is more suitable for it.

" both the opera version or film version, two version of the Su Kam shapes are very similar, are lotus root starch color shape, are very beautiful.

" and similar Xuannu, belong to that at a glance, you know this is a villain!

and the film version of the model with the home exaggerated, in addition to black, but also the use of a lot of purple series.

, of course, we have a small Arab Israeli, as long as you can be responsible for meng!

the last sentence of the

film tentatively released this summer!

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