King of glory six hero skills nine teaching achievements of Mulan full of Huya explosion injury

Mulan Sabine king of glory

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see this title, do you want to curse the title? As a love of the king of glory love deep small series, how to do a title party. The new version of Mulan to remove the passive six active skills, is the real skill hero of the six.

six skills how to release so that there is a small number of difficult to choose to make a choice, in the live broadcast on the nine, small series to understand the true power of the hero. Learn to return to the small series for everyone to prepare a wave of Mulan advanced materials, together with the next bar.

location: Warrior, semi meat


" the inscription: Blue beast mark 10 Green Eagle 10 red 10

skills figure:

(Shuang Jian)

Shuang Jian state, was attacked five times will result in a silence, the silence in the early to have certain advantages in the fight. 1 ability to hit the person after the displacement can be set to give Mulan more flexible pursuit of space. At the same time, it is worth noting that the time from the big sword to switch back to the sword, Mulan will get a huge attack speed, demolition of the tower of nirvana.

(Da Jian)

great sword of state, Mulan's attack force huge strengthening. This is why the nine out of the installation and the inscription did not take much offensive force. 1 skills can be stored for two times, you can instantly burst, the ability to close to the rogue control of the 2 Mulan also became a lot of crispy nightmare. At the same time, it is worth noting that the 2 skills, if the error occurs, you can use the 1 skills to interrupt the skills of the 2, so as to avoid the embarrassment of their own empty skills of the 2.


is not the two wave skills look down to see the first halo, and look at the next nine days of combat operations in.

in the state, Mulan is very flexible, two displacement on trying to escape the opponent is a nightmare.

can be seen, nine wave operation for each of Mulan's skills are used. The first is the sword form dart opponent, immediately switching sword will directly move down the opponent.

this wave with a dozen of two away Marco Polo, (a state) is the skill combo skills 2 hands, 1 skill two dart, open the switch moment sword, 1 skills beheaded Marco, homeopathic back chasing bin.

through nine days of operation, we see that Mulan's division of the skills of the two sets of clear. The individual combat, sword battle group no solution, can be said to be on the weapon. Good use, S6 king of the last bus is waiting for you to get on the bus.

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