Japan's price of fruit sought after by selling big strawberries 30 thousand


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CNN reported in Japan, the fruit is not only an important part of people's diet, carefully cultivated fruit has even become the high-end luxury jewelry, such as a heart-shaped watermelon and Ruby grapes can often at auction the high prices on the yuan. 2016, two Hokkaido Hami melon was photographed out of $27 thousand (about 180 thousand yuan) price. Please indicate the source, more exciting from the penguin "sweet and sour international." (from: sweet and sour International) "img_box"

" Japanese high-end fruit shop called Sembikiya a, from the outside, it stores are decorated like as fine jewelry store. This store fruit was unable to hide greeds, but its price is high is terrified. (from: sweet and sour International) a scholar Soyeon Shim

" at the University of Wisconsin Madison College of human ecology said: "in the Asian culture, especially Japanese social culture, fruit position is unique. The behavior of people buying fruit is closely linked with other social behaviors. Soyeon Shim said that in Japan, fruit is not only a part of people's diet, expensive fruit is also a gift of the people, representing a ceremony. (from: sweet and sour International) "img_box"

" to cultivate high-end fruit products often require farmers detailed labor and time intensive investment. "It is hard to control the growth of a strawberry, and sometimes it will grow into a globe without knowing what it is, not what I wanted. Nichio, a farmer who grew a high-end fruit, said it took him 15 years to master the technology to accurately control the shape of fruit growth. Okuda. The size of the statue of the strawberry in the figure is about the size of a tennis ball, which is about 500 thousand yen (about $30 thousand). (from: sweet and sour International) "img_box"

Nichio said, his only 500 annual strawberry production, each strawberry to mature time is about 45 days from planting. "I can't tell you what I'm doing, or everyone can learn it. In addition to the strawberry, Japan's "Ruby Rome" grape growers have also adopted the "rare and expensive" principle, providing only 2400 bunches of grapes per year. A spokesman for the ruby Rome grape production party said that this kind of red grapes to fill the gaps in the Japanese luxury fruit market, cultivate and grow such grapes is a very difficult process. (class=)

2008 "perview_img_p" in Rome, the first time to launch and enter the market. Now, the price of a bunch of ruby grapes about 100 thousand yen (about RMB 600 yuan), the price may also sell higher. Last year, a Japanese supermarket auction a number of ruby grapes, a total of 30 grapes sold 1 million 100 thousand yen (about 68 thousand yuan), a record of each grape 320 dollars (about 2 thousand yuan) of the record. (from: sweet and sour International) "img_box"

" why Japanese will be willing to pay the expensive price to buy these high-end fruit? In Japanese culture, the fruit is usually presented as a gift to the gods on the altar. Shim told the Japanese luxury fruit market has done research, he found that in Japan, people buy these expensive fruit is mainly for some special occasions, or to some important characters, such as a boss or supervisor. (

expensive fruit should be carefully packaged when sent out. A strawberry may be in a box like a jewel box. A watermelon usually after being packaged and packed in exquisite wooden box. Although not all Japanese consumers will choose to buy such an expensive fruit, but it is true that many Japanese people think that expensive fruit will be better to eat some. "They say the Japanese eat fruit with their eyes. If a fruit is packaged beautifully, people may feel better eating it. Said Smith, a scholar who studies Japanese culture. (from: sweet and sour International)

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