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Live fun trip little buddy

wangyiyouxi· 2017-03-29 16:53:14

"love to play live" launched a period of time, during which also brought us a lot of laughter. First of all, thanks to those who have been concerned about the small partners, but most of the time Lolo is to introduce the well-known game masterpiece, which left out the other kind of wonderful independent game. So, eat more luxury package, you also want to try some simple fun little game?

from today, every Monday we will recommend a good game lighthearted, brain hole and Wulitou (weekly Monday Oh ~). By then, Lolo will be invited to play a small network of high popularity to the guest, live together. So, here's the question. Guess who's going to be invited tonight? Photo tip:

weak back

our goal is: to the boring Monday fun!! Come and pay attention to our ~

live address - room ID:1724803 () (Tips: advance into the player can be the first point of concern in the

surprise notice: tomorrow night (March 28th) Lolo slightly and the popularity of small series of strawberries with the Chinese version of the live goddess of the 5 , wonderful interpretation can not be missed.

you have any comments or suggestions for "love to play live" is very valuable to us. Welcome to the post or QQ group (group number: 434303248).

Author: Lolo

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