Who is Trump? Former U.S. officials said the truth


haiwaiwang· 2017-03-29 19:18:32

"who is Trump? "This is a former U.S. ambassador Baucus (Max Baucus) has recently been trying to understand the problem.

" campaign both jokingly referred to as "Crazy" but continue to jump up the support rate, still win the presidential election successfully entered the Oval Office of the White House, Trump this road crazy and do not follow the routine play play will make life half years for American politics, known as the "wisdom and experience" is not Baucus.

, however, the only thing is, Trump's election directly ended the career of Baucus's ambassador to the United states.

when reporters at the Boao forum for Asia to see more than two months after leaving office, Baucus, who is the problem of Trump who is still troubled him, and does not seem to have a clue. "Do you know who Trump is now? "Baucus shook his head." isn't this a problem that people around the world want to know and think about? "

in the Boao forum for Asia," after the election of the United States, "the sub forum, Baucus threw out his question," the question is how to do after the election of Trump? "

, the longest serving senator in Montana, doesn't believe that successful management can manage a country successfully. "The company can do the job. But as a politician, you can't fire a senator in the democratic system of the United states. They don't work for you, but for the voters in their hometown. If Trump can't learn to listen to and work with these people, it's a big deal. "

data sheet. Former U.S. trade representative Michael · Frohman. Source: VOA

at the Boao forum for Asia, Trump lost his job as well as Michael · (Michael Froman). With the election of President Trump, Michael · Ephesians U.S. trade representative, also want to add a "former". He has yet to find a suitable position for his future development.

"I might go to a coffee shop and get a job in a coffee shop. "Michael · Ephesians Loman jokingly told reporters.

Michael · Eph Loman could not believe that in three years as a trade representative, TPP (i.e. the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement") was one of his priorities. But Trump said he quit.

"Baucus is my teacher. Michael · Frohman's attitude on many issues is exactly the same as that of Mr Baucus. The day before the official opening of the Boao forum for Asia at

, when the reporter and Baucus is trying to find a quiet place to talk in the hall, Lu Yu walked the face of the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez (Carlos Gutierrez). It was the first time that two old friends met for the first time in the forum.

content_img_p data sheet. Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez. Lu Xin agency issued photo

after greeting, said Baucus continues to search for interview place "journey", and "not Gutierrez Trump powder. "

last year during the election, Gutierrez has said that Trump's economic policy is simply a disaster". Similar to the continuation of the "after the election of the United States" sub forum, "he looks like the president, tall, like to wear shoes, it is important that he acts like a president. "

Gutierrez doesn't think it's as good as the president's ability to shake hands with the German Chancellor, and it is not in line with the president's approach to stimulate Mexico's return to the table in a humiliating way. "The funny thing is that the man who voted for him didn't expect a man like the president. They want the opposite.

let Gutierrez more do not understand is that no matter what Trump said to do, there will always be about 37% strong support. So he wants to prove to his supporters that he is very tough, and that his campaign slogan is possible.

in twenty-first Century the robot is about to change the world today, millions of jobs have been replaced by the possibility of growing. Gutierrez is worried about how to deal with the changes brought about by the rise of technology, rather than returning to the United States in 80s of last century's work. And Trump said he wanted to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports during the campaign, and Mr Gutierrez did not think it could come true.

Trump is a negotiator. "Gutierrez believes that" 45% of the tariff is just the beginning of the negotiations. "In the short term, there may be some friction between China and the US, but in the long run, the two countries will eventually return to the path of cooperation.


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