The woman met fiance ho donated 20 million dollars on the outcome of the idea

Shenzhen fiance dollar ending

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exotic love is what? The &hellip

is clearly looking at the same moon

but can not give each other a warm hug

Ms. Ouyang and his African boyfriend

about seen during exotic love two times

for nearly 5 years the two sides are very good impression

is preparing in Shenzhen when he married

unexpected things; …

Ouyang told reporters that she and Luo Binxian met in online marriage five years ago, although the language barrier, but know little about the English Ms. Ouyang in the translation software, to communicate with each other fairly smoothly. After a period of time to get along, the two will determine the relationship between lovers.

" Ms. Ouyang said, more enamored of Mr. Robin, shortly after they agreed to marry Mr. Robin request, Mr. Robin would borrow the work, come to Hongkong to visit Ms. Ouyang.

" but in three years ago to the day, Mr. Robin suddenly told Ms. Ouyang, he hopes to work in Syria. Ouyang can only support, and said the marriage can be postponed, Mr. Robin was very moved.

told Ms. Ouyang a big secret, &mdash, before leaving, and that Mr. Robin had transferred all of the savings of the past few years to Ms. Ouyang's name. The balance was as high as $20 million.

blink of an eye three years later, Mr. Robin and MS. Ouyang several months of chat focus, but also from the work and life of the two sides came to China for the transfer of the relevant matters of the wedding. But Mr. Robin told Ms. Ouyang, because Syria was in the war, no aircraft can be used, the only means of transport is the only private aircraft, but because of the special situation in his country, he was unable to pay the expenses.

" with the hope that Ms. Ouyang quickly married without demur, through bank lending 40 thousand yuan, but also to relatives and friends to scrape together twenty thousand yuan to provide urgent fire Liao to Mr. Robin's account remitted money. It wasn't long before Mr. Robin told Ms. Ouyang that he had obtained a boarding pass by WeChat. But Ms. Ouyang

ah, 3 days later, Mr Robin has not learned the news, until later, his fiance Robin, en route to Shenzhen, due to the crash landing in an African country Lome, now seriously injured, and unable to provide funding, many medical methods are unable to for. Ms. Ouyang

" to tell each other their be frightened and change color, can provide the funds, and immediately tried to cash account login. But in this extremely urgent moment, but was told to mail to pay 80 thousand yuan of value-added tax to cash. A few days ago, in order to raise the price of Mr. Robin ticket money, already heavily indebted Ms. Ouyang, suddenly do not know what to do.

at this time she just react, he was cheated by … …

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