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2017 March 25th, sponsored by Aili, Hongkong, "the 2017 China Hospital Competitiveness Forum" was held in Guangzhou! Forum site released a number of lists, one of China's top 100 list of hospitals is one of its.

according to the 2016 China Health and family planning statistical yearbook statistics, as of the end of 2015, a total of 1236 hospitals in the country, of which the eastern part of the 561, the central part of the country, the Western 295, 380. 2016 China hospital competitiveness · released in March 25 - 26 at the 2017 Chinese hospital competitiveness forum "; top hospital ranked the top 100 list, the top 2016 top 100 hospital 64 Middle Eastern, 19, West 17, East China Hospital Development better.

worth mentioning is that only three hospitals in Fujian list, and are located in Fuzhou. They are the sixty-fifth Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Fujian Medical University, the First Affiliated Hospital of ranked No. seventy-sixth, Fujian Province-owned Hospital ranked. The specific list is as follows:

Hongkong Aili hospital management research center and academic advisor, Zhongshan University School of public health department director Huang Cunrui Wei tube for the interpretation of the "top 100" list. "The top ranking system of

hospital by 100" includes four aspects: the optimal scale (

hospital beds, it opened the emergency door and discharge amount, the number of medical technology (

); high title number / the total number of physicians and hospital / opened beds, medical equipment assets / total assets and annual hospital volume / discharge amount, the National Health Commission key clinical specialist / general specialist books, ICU;

) the proportion of hospital bed operation (average hospitalization days, bed utilization rate, average outpatient expense / local per capita GDP, hospitalization cost was GDP per capita, provincial / local inpatients the proportion of

); academic influence (academician number, academic leaders accounted for the Ministry of education, key disciplines and Key Laboratory / total number, the annual college won the National Natural Science Fund Project Quantity and total amount.

"top 100" list, the finalists of the three provinces and cities are Beijing (16 hospitals), Shanghai (hospital), Guangdong (2). "100 strong" covering a total of more than 32 cities, including the city of (36 hospitals), the capital city of the province (59 hospitals), 5 prefecture level city (5 hospitals). Overall, the average score of the city's hospitals and the number of institutions on the list has a certain correlation, the number of institutions on the list of cities generally higher average score, indicating that the overall strength of these urban hospitals.

analysis of the "top 100" elements of the competitiveness of the hospital found:

technical elements: technical indicators reflect the medical efficiency, is one of the core competitiveness of the hospital, to improve their competitiveness, improve the technology is the key.

academic elements: on the whole, the first square hospital academic influence far more than other square hospital.

scale factors: the size of the hospital is not the bigger the better, we must follow the appropriate growth model to ensure the efficiency of medical services and quality of service.

analysis of "type 100" hospital:

from the quantitative point of view, regardless of structure or each switchboard number square, college affiliated hospitals are dominant in number; from the score, the mean score of the University Affiliated Hospital was 695.64, 100 higher than the average score of strong, competitive advantage is obvious. Summary:

1, the seven district to the East and North China strongest hospital in Beijing, Shanghai, the provincial capital distribution, Guangdong as the center, radiating decline, city distribution concentrated in municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capital city and prefecture level city minority.

2, medical technology and academic influence is the core factor to measure the competitiveness of the top hospitals, the scale of the hospital should follow the appropriate growth model.

3, the top 100 hospitals in the high proportion of high school affiliated hospitals, the average level of competitiveness is higher than non University Affiliated hospital.

4, the top 100 hospitals and the competitiveness of the rank distribution and the local population by a certain positive correlation. >

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