10 you have to know the truth of the workplace, or a big loss!

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experience psychological skills

1" and hard, only the primary stage.

many people think, I work hard in the workplace, as long as it can work hard, work people will have the light of day.

wrong! Swing arm hard, this is only the first step in the workplace, only the primary stage. Because the work is that most people are going to do things, and you no more than others to pay what.

is the workplace where you work? Yes! Also wrong! In the workplace, the requirements of life than work requirements.

want to be successful in the workplace, in addition to his work, there must be something else, otherwise, you can only touch a nose ash.

2, don't believe what the boss says.

some people like to worship the boss, this is dangerous, because you worship him, it will be in the heart of the total will be inclined to him, and even completely believe that the boss said.

remember a boss once said that whenever and wherever I will not give up my employees, but when the economic crisis comes, the company began to cut the difficulties of layoffs.

boss and employee is essentially a kind of opposite relationship, the boss said and done mostly in order to maintain themselves and the interests of the company, and you will do every thing about your interests.

3, don't be defeated by interpersonal setbacks.

a pedestrian to climb to the mountain where there is a forest, they saw the farmer, is a handsome gentle man wearing glasses. Surprised everyone, his like this where is like a farmer, like a white collar.

asked to know, before he is really first-tier cities white-collar workers, but also to a high level position, he said later he hated the workplace infighting, so here the hidden world opened the orchard.

this person must have experienced some setbacks in the workplace, it is likely to be a setback in interpersonal relationships, so that the relationship is too complex and the fear of the psychological shadow.

but is escape useful? Can not say that his choice is right or wrong, but we should not be frustrated after setbacks, from the fear of death in the workplace, no longer dare to go back! It's a coward, but I know you're not!

4, a raise, you have to take the initiative, and not only once!

don't believe what you have to pay, you have to ask for it.

5, the fundamental task of human resources department.

human resources department is in order to maintain staff, in fact it is the nature of the task is to safeguard the interests of the company, to protect the interests of the company from infringement.

6, why the boss around the Secretary, driver, assistant, who have to pull like two hundred and fifty?

do not understand, then look at the TV show inside the emperor eunuch is like? Observe the drama of the minister, is how to get along with his concubine? Is it always a good thing for him to do something for him? For example, arrange a time to see the emperor side?

7, hate the basis of a colleague.

in the workplace, not to their own preferences according to people, say you hate that colleagues have nothing to do with him, in the workplace to benefit as the basis, the person is good for you to help you, then don't alienate him too.

8, do not underestimate the importance of social colleagues.

you always do not participate in the work of colleagues after the boss's invitation, a two time does not matter, but for a long time, it will affect your development in the company.

9, want to get more attention, one way is to build from the details of others trust you.

wants to get a promotion value, make better result is inevitable, if not always have big projects waiting for you, also can be in the usual details, show your personal charm.

such as Xiao Ming and boss on business, the boss seems cold, Xiao Ming ran to help him buy cold medicine, the care boss let him out of small details, see the eye, this is not flattering, is common between friends and colleagues believe that you would do the same. Sometimes this trust is slowly accumulated.

10 attitude. Why does

say attitude is more important than talent? This is also with the EQ is more important than ability is the same reason, your soft power to treat people, the way people will give to add a lot of points.

one thing, your attitude is positive, then things will get better, and vice versa.

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