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" please don't tell the children live together, children live with you, you are best to drive them out, even if they go to rent.

money can give him, just can not live, only to understand the truth.

because two people are not the same education, values and lifestyles are not the same.

live separately, will be the distance between the United States and the United States, the book did not write the law: the farther the distance between parents and children, the better the relationship.


you can always put your sons and daughters as minors, how do you handle can be beaten, but don't put your daughter-in-law son-in-law called Laihuan, because you called them one, they will remember you for a lifetime not.

in this world, only their own parents can scold them, not their own health, do not have to take.


your daughter-in-law son-in-law to buy things, like to watch drama, with mobile phone, not washing clothes, do not want to cook, bad health habits, do not love the chores, not with children and so on, all this and your relationship, this is your son with her daughter with him or the thing, you should not see only right.

daughter or son of the trouble you can not say to others, this is the true love of your son and daughter.

or otherwise, the whole family to be ridiculed; One's reputation was a byword., either from the female from the son daughter-in-law son-in-law scattered scattered, your grandchildren is not mother father, grandmother or others is to shout!


if you are now with the daughter or daughter-in-law live, please don't touch their things, don't help them wash their clothes, the children go to school every day seriously and can not have the slightest mishap.

and three

in mind: first, they don't always remember to eat leftovers,

second, remember that they never love clean,

third, keep in mind the food has expired, even if only one day, immediately throw!

food insect, even if there are a few, all upside down! Do not have to understand the implementation, do not have to be used to do. To put it plainly, living with them is looking for gas, began to be stingy, then the atmosphere, so it is one of the most important tasks you consider every day to live with them.


when you see them arguing, pretend not to see, you don't hear a word.

you think, when you quarrel with your husband, you would like to intervene in the elderly?

remember: when son complain, you say the word

when daughter-in-law daughter-in-law; complain, you have to scold your son a few words; when

daughter complained son-in-law, you would say a good son-in-law;

daughter son-in-law complained when you scold her a few words.

because in the eyes of her daughter and son-in-law, the world is only her mother, mother or mother-in-law is wrong!


's grandson, grandson of the father and mother is your son and daughter, daughter and son-in-law, instead of you and your husband.

so do not rob them of their right to raise their children, even if they have no more.

because your education method is out of date.

so, you are under the force of education for children not to please, you can't do this is asking for suffering, do not put idle idle, asking for is not it?


state is not specifically provided for the daughter or son must obey her mother or mother-in-law, the filial piety is your son or daughter.

so, you must keep in mind the "Two Musts":

, daughter or son for your good, must often talk about foreign people to say more about

; the two is your daughter or son of unfilial, you must also say her filial piety;

in addition. To achieve the "two forgotten":

is a, your daughter or son, to forget immediately;

two, daughter or son for you is not good, also want to forget immediately.

you do the "two must" and "two forget", again with unreasonable demands the daughter or son will slowly began to understand something, because the people are the meat long.


son or daughter do not worry about divorce, separation is not their thing, nothing to do with you.

if you tube, also don't tube, the end result, not anger you a serious illness, is a "son is not good, not a good mother daughter's tough hard" bad reputation.

remember, who married your son or daughter, who would have to call you mother, their children are your baby grandson or grandson.


not to focus your life on the son, daughter, to plan their own lives.

life even more than half, there are many interesting new things to learn.

must make their own happy life a little, please put all the money before he died, even property spent, don't let the deposit or the property into heritage, because you leave is not wealth, but resentment, fight, greed, the family is destroyed, even if you leave the children a little debt is

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