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Primary school teachers with large intestine students: can eat

Large intestine teacher primary school student

banjiu· 2017-03-29 23:07:11

" recently, in Hangzhou Jiangnan experimental school class, science teacher Yang Wen will bring the pig intestine class, on the same day, he's science show class content for the "food" in the body of the travel, the main body of the digestive organs in. In order to let the children learn more intuitive, Yang teacher is wearing a white T-shirt, printed on a complete set of digestive organs, "this T-shirt is the online custom, find a good organ map, please sellers printed three or four pieces, with short - and long sleeved, so no matter day or spring in summer, the class can be used. "

" section of the "science of science" for young teachers, not for the first time, has been shown two or three times. In yesterday's class, sitting 45 grade three students and more than a dozen teachers, to see the young teacher took out the pig intestine, wow to exclaim, there are students who can not close the mouth, the classroom atmosphere instantly burst. This pig esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, is the teacher to spend 180 yuan a day ahead of schedule, to remove the majority of the smell, and then get to the classroom.

" children holding the intestines, nose to smell, and then the magnifying glass looked at carefully, look outside the fold of e.. After touching, pulling, kneading a series of actions, with scissors cut open the intestines, look inside the internal structure. After class, there are two boys in the glutton up, ask the teacher a lot: "class E, after class can eat? "

map" for the students in the classroom to study the stomach of the "class="".

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Primary school teachers with large intestine students: can eat

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