When a nanny, salesman, 22 years old, she actually got the world's first rich handsome

Gao Fu Shuai salesman nanny global

didawang· 2017-03-29 23:07:12

to have love,

also diligent.

"Cinderella" of the evolution of the history of the story of Cinderella


sung for thousands of years and not bad,

, however, there really is Cinderella?

or is it a collective, obscenity

all ordinary girl?

" but the story of Cinderella love staged in reality, the famous

C Ronaldo just exposed girlfriend Georgina,

worked as a nanny, salesman,

even know C Luo long ago,

is still in trouble for a living.

left two is Georgina

and C Lo stand together,


, glamorous, like a collection of thousands of pet in a

princess, who can imagine shortly before

she also took the broom mop for a

poor wages living in their home.

"in the history of Portuguese football player,"


World Footballer best player in Europe,

C Ronaldo in the history of football creating achievement, and fame beyond count


2016, according to the "Forbes" list, C, to become the world's highest paid footballer , who is also the first football athletes ranking top income reached 7 million euros.

rich and handsome,

as a gold single Han,

32 year old C Luo side there is certainly no lack of peach,

actor, model, singer, host,

and gossip girl up to group two team.

but he really admitted rarely,

is the most famous one's supermodel I Rina.

" two love for 5 years,

was a valued jintongyunv.

2015 C Ronaldo and Irina after the break,

still will continue.

but never in any place,

open their love.

however, at the 2016 FIFA awards ceremony,

C suddenly generous to the world,

announced the identity of Georgina.

please note that women look back on the stage


C Roth mentioned his girlfriend,

than before and before his girlfriend,

face stiff smile,

at C Ronaldo like a shy smile the child.

not only took his girlfriend to the awards ceremony,

also generously to a variety of places show affection.

and C "mini Luo Luo son" intimate interaction.

" to see C Luo do not know of the

, coming from where his girlfriend on the heart, the mysterious girl


began to gradually surfaced.

22 year old Georgina,

was born in an ordinary family in Spain,

grew along with sister learning to dance,

parents opened a hamburger shop,

school often do part-time household subsidies.

teen's mother died,

alone she went to London to study.

in order to save money,

found a similar nanny work.

is an international student, Georgina helps the employer to take care of the housework, the employer provides accommodation and a very low salary, Georgina was about 80 to 100 pounds, lower than the British minimum wage.

" in this case,

Georgina also save money to report in a dance class,

regain their childhood hobby.

she was not so good at English,

in addition to taking care of children, practicing dance,

at night, but also to learn english.

of the United Kingdom but good times don't last long, the couple soon moved to the field, Georgina had to re

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