How much of a child's handwriting is so bad that you can't think of it!

Children unexpected family father

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often hear parents complain, often by the school teachers complain that children do homework illegible, they usually pay attention to all, is not correct. Good worry.

more parents said that the child apparently reported calligraphy classes in the practice of calligraphy, writing the word still can not bear to look directly. In fact,

mom and dad are missing a key, that is children's writing calligraphy is a long time, is not a short duration of time to form , so mom and Dad don't blindly follow the public to sign up to the child calligraphy training class, but for the children write illegible this problem, mom and dad are still must pay attention to it!

children write illegible non-standard

- character aspect. develop the habit of writing is not achieved overnight, and the child's own character. Some research showed that bound together in a common cause, nature character lively and cheerful children write will relax, do not pay attention to Chinese characters strokes and character, well behaved children hand writing and writing will regulate many.

- writing correct guidance and decreased with the rising of the grade. many parents will find that children in grade one or two, despite the age, grab pen control ability is not good, but the child will seriously to write one, to grade three or four, the children were writing carefully, write out the word as he scribbled.

- writing strokes do not regulate

many children can have the phenomenon of writing strokes!

children whether it is just learning to write, or read 35 grade writing stroke or often go wrong. Do you sometimes think about writing a word for a while? Sometimes, the written word is not necessarily correct if shun. The pen

Chinese characters stroke order rules table

" Chinese characters written thousands of strokes to remember

did leave the pen strokes of the pen point is heavier, lighter;

, turning to slightly heavier and slower, the

; and hook, began to pen, slightly heavier, then gradually turned into light, the pen tip;

all strokes are written in the

, can not repair; strokes in the composition of Chinese characters, some shape will slightly change, should pay attention to when writing. Effect of

- interest. one thing, can cause the child's interest, this is very important, when a child is in love, things of interest, will be dedicated to do this thing, less susceptible to environmental interference, when children face they do not love is not interested in things, the moment is lost the ability of self-control, the things as in the play and play and the nature of the child. Effect of

- attitude. Increase the workload, more and more work, need to spend a lot of time to complete, so many children in their homework when start impetuous, just want to speed up the completion of the operation, no energy to write a stroke, there is no time to write seriously to think, wrong writing slowly on the altered. Start up to a sloppy, visual feeling seems to be out of order.

's eight common mistakes by

- cross a gesture type: children writing slowly, write too hard, tired easily.

" - type: buried his thumb forefinger hidden in the back, is the more than and 2 children made pen gesture.

" - twist type thumb twist to the index finger with pen.

" - twist Transformation: will throw the twist of the wrist of many children when writing to his pen, the writing methods will affect the spine.

" - line: thumb and forefinger into straight pen.

" - dislocation type: with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger hold a pen, I do not know why, many girls make this type.

" - bed type: wrist and hand writing will stick to the desktop, covering his eyes.

" - type: , boxing seems to hold a fist.

" in the above eight kinds of errors may lead to the sitting posture of children with pen gestures, hand shape distortion, skeletal deformation, fatigue, do homework slowly, the word body is not beautiful, is the child to write off chain reaction.

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