The British government plans to invest one hundred million to repair the railway line in Oxford, Cambridge

Plan investment Oxford Cambridge

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Oxford and Cambridge is Britain's most famous two oldest university is located, although this two city only 67 miles away, but the traffic is very inconvenient, either by train or car will take at least two hours.

the good news is that the British government is finally aware of the problem, and intends to invest one hundred million pounds to restore the railway line between the two.

if you want to take a train from Oxford to Cambridge, it takes 2.5 hours, and the middle to change the car two times.

" to take the train to London, in Paddington after getting off the subway, to Kings Cross to go to Cambridge by train.

drive the situation is no better, according to the calculation of distance in a straight line, which is about 67 miles an hour, but in fact, the two drive to and from the city needs two hours, after numerous traffic circle.

in this way, the seat of the two most famous universities in the United Kingdom is like a group of isolated scholars, each of which is not related to the two.

actually, in history, there was a railway line between the two.

19 century and early twentieth Century, this is called "Line" (Varsity line) railway line has been very popular.

but in 1967, the British Railway Company (British Railways) chairman of the pen, cut it off.

the British government now has to face up to the problem, and last year's autumn budget, the chancellor of the exchequer, is sure to restore the railway line linking Oxford and Cambridge.

's return to a straight line between the two prestigious universities will likely bring about a radical change in the region. The chairman of the

's national infrastructure Council wants to see a high-tech company like Silicon Valley in Oxford and Cambridge.

secondly, through the railway line is likely to enhance the real estate market between the two cities.

Oxford and Cambridge, the two cities are hot real estate market in the UK, especially the latter.

cattle sword prices are very high, young people can not afford to buy a house.

in the city between the two, such as Bedford, but the price is much lower.

Bedford downtown seven bedroom housing price is less than $500 thousand, the same house, if it is in the center of Cambridge, the price may be more than 1 million 500 thousand.

currently, some young people in Oxford and Cambridge can not afford to buy a house will also consider buying a house between the two Milton Keynes, where the average price is close to 329 thousand, significantly lower than the cattle sword. "I have lived here for more than 20 years, and the new railway line will be very popular," said a real estate agent in

Bicester. This is good news for businesses, for the people here is also very good, which means they can easily go to Milton Keynes shopping and entertainment. The "

" line "will further enhance the university very popular with tourists in the shopping village than Stewart (Bicester Village).

Cambridge direction shoppers can reach the shopping village through Oxford Parkway.

estimates that the railway line between Oxford and Cambridge costs about 250 million pounds.

the British government has not yet decided on the start of the project.

but the people who support it believe that the economic benefits of more than six pounds per pound of money can be expected to prompt the chancellor to set the date as soon as possible.

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