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Collection children ancient poetry formula

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"" Jiangnan ancient Yuefu

lotus, lotus Yehe Tian tian.

fish play lotus leaf East, fish play lotus leaf West,

fish play lotus leaf south, fish play lotus leaf north.

luobinwang "geese" goose, goose, goose, song Tiange,

white floating green, Anthurium dial shiba.

Zhizhang "willow" Jasper makeup into a tree, 10000 dropped the green silk sash.

I do not know who is cut out of Verbena? February spring like scissors.

"Gordon guanque tower" audio

the sun sets behind the mountain, The Yellow River seawards flows.

for a thousand miles, a higher level.

"Liangzhou the word" King John

wine glowing in the luminous jade cups, to drink immediately Pipa reminder.

Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laugh, a few people back to the ancient battle? "

" Xin Jian lotus tower to send Wang Changling

cold rain night into the Lianjiang Wu, Chu Shan Gu songke pingming.

Luoyang friends such as phase, a pure and noble character in jade.


" folk song folk songs of the northern Chile Chuan, Yinshan,

days like Qionglu, energy-saving.

gray days, the vast field,

and the wind blows.

"wind" Li Qiao

solution three autumn, able to spend in February.

over a thousand feet into the river, into the bamboo pole tilt. "Liangzhou the word"


the Yellow River far on the clouds, a lonely city maninsan.

Qiangdi why blame willows, spring breeze of Yumen Pass.

Meng Haoran

"early spring" spring dawn, hear birds singing everywhere.

the sound of wind and rain, whispering?

"excerpt" Wang Changling

qinshiming Han Guan, long march has not yet.

but the dragon fly in, not taught Ma degrees Yinshan hu. "

" abattis Wang

no mountains, but hear a voice.

king back into the deep forest, the moss on the.

"two yuan to send"

Anxi Wang Qing Chen monicawei Cheng Chao Yu, qingqingke new.

I drink a cup of wine, out of th.

September 9th "Shandong Yi brothers" Wang

all alone in a foreign land, during the festive season.

remote brothers climb place, over a few people.

"Jingyesi" Li Bai

moonlight, it seems hoary frost on the floor.

looked up at the moon, looking down and think of home. "Ancient moon trip"

Li Bai

Lang hours does not know the month, call for white jade plate.

suspect Yaotai mirror, flying in the green end.

looks at the Mount Lu "waterfall" Li Bai

sunshine censer living purple smoke, a waterfall hung before the Sichuan.

fly straight down three thousand feet, the Milky way is suspected of falling for nine days.

"to Wang Lun" Li Bai

Li Bai to leave by boat, suddenly he heard singing from the shore. Profound friendship

a thousand feet deep, less than Wang Lun gave me love.

"Yellow Crane Tower Guangling" send Meng Haoran Li Bai

Lee West by the Yellow Crane Tower, fireworks in March in Yangzhou.

gufanyuanying blue sky to make, only see the Yangtze River flows into the sky.


" early Baidicheng Li energy-saving, Trinidad Jiangling day.

on both sides of the monkeys live, has been in a canoe. "Looking at Tianmenshan Mountain"

Li Bai

Tianmen interrupts Chu River, clear water flows eastward to the north.

the two sides of Castle Peak relative, from a day to.

"don't" Dong high

Trinidad Huang Yun day since1949, energy-saving.

anteriormo Chou no friends, everyone knows you in the world? "

quatrains" Du Fu

two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, a row of white egrets on the sky.

window containing Xiling Snow Scene Wu ships.

Du Fu

"Chun Yexi rain" good to know the rain season, when the spring is.

wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently.

wild diameter cloud all black, river boat fire alone ming.

drenched, weight jinguancheng flowers.

late date Jiangshan, spring flowers and incense.

mud flying swallow, sand warm sleep yuanyang.


" Du Fu flower river in Yellow River East Shita before the spring breeze, lazy trapped leaning.

peach blossom clusters without opening, lovely dark red love pink.

"fengqiaoyebo" Zhang

the frosty night, Jiang Feng lights to worry about sleeping.

Hanshan Temple outside Suzhou, midnight bell to passenger ship.

"wanderer" Meng Jiao

mother line, wandering clothing.

leaving thick seam, Italy has to fear.

who grass inch heart, reported in the apartments.


" Liu Zongyuan River Snow Qianshan bird flew away, nobody trail.

boat and Li Weng, fishing alone in snow. "

" prevention Zhang and

in front of egrets fly, peach flowers flowing away with water trout.

ruoli green, green hemp fiber, light wind and drizzling rain do not have to go.

"under a border-fortress" LuLun

goose fly high in the night away.

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