Forced school girls' skirts above the knee so as to avoid the trouble of men

Girls skirt male School

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Cedric 2016.04.16, 22:00

one female Sade Tuttle told public she doesn't mind changing a long skirt, but vice president gives the reason is to "protect the girls safety and prevent the boy, and for male workers create a good working environment. "

Purcell said: "the school regulations, girls' skirts must at least to the knee, not higher. Our uniforms are very useful in our school life, and we will make regular inspections to ensure that students can concentrate on their lessons without being distracted by the surrounding environment. "

protested that she was scolded by the teacher, because she wore a dress with a shoulder. She said that she will be in terms of the school's dreams, her dress in front of the male students is not appropriate. Wiggins then to the media to reflect the situation, then she will be closed. Share