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weifengwang· 2017-03-30 05:06:05

whether you want to monitor their fitness data, or to access important e-mail, or simply look at the time, then the smart watch is undoubtedly an essential extension of iPhone. Many iPhone users mentioned that they need these extensions, so in the market for iPhone users to find the best smart watches is meaningful.

" now, the smart watch has gradually become a popular product, it has begun to integrate technology in the daily lives of consumers. We all know Apple Watch as smart watches on the market leader, there is no doubt that Apple Watch and iPhone is the collocation, but can you guess the foreign media that, which one is the most suitable for iPhone Apple Watch? Who are those Apple Watch replacements?

Apple Watch Series the best overall performance: 1

" now no one can do better than apple, which is why Apple Watch Series 1 as the most suitable for iPhone smart watches.

Apple Watch Series 1 has many advantages but also has many shortcomings, but its system, user interface and software still left a very deep impression. Although Apple has brought a new Apple Watch Series 2, the new Apple Watch also configured as waterproof, GPS and other new features, but if you do not want to wear Apple Watch swim, from price considerations, in fact, Apple Watch Series 1 is more suitable for most consumers.

because Apple constantly updated watchOS system, so Apple Watch Series 1 many shortcomings have been resolved. The Apple Watch Series 1 uses a new SP1 dual core processor, it also has the ability to respond quickly. The smart watch screen size are subject to many restrictions, the apple Force Touch function is very useful for any Apple Watch, together with the side of the watch crown, we use Apple Watch Series 1 will feel easy and convenient. Although

in terms of fitness monitoring data as Apple Series 2 Watch, as we mentioned above, if we are not swimming enthusiasts, most of my friends would save $100 Apple Watch Series 1.

why it is the best fit iPhone smart watch is also very simple, they are manufactured, they are the apple ecosystem, from any point of view, Apple Watch Series 1 and iPhone collocation are very perfect, it can become the best iPhone expansion.

is the most suitable fitness enthusiasts -- Fitbit Blaze

" fitness for many fans, the Fitbit Blaze is that they have been waiting for a smart watch, while Fitbit Blaze Fitbit is also made in the smart watch market on the first try, and it save the Fitbit most of the functions of sports bracelet.

in addition to the fitness function on the Fitbit Blaze done quite well, it can also provide some basic skills of smart watches, such as reading information and remote music control, etc.. The fitness function is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of Fitbit Blaze. Moreover, Fitbit itself occupies a place in the fitness market.

Fitbit Blaze is also designed to have a unique "watch" appearance, although it is not the most beautiful smart watches on the market, but it makes people feel comfortable and comfortable light. Although

said Fitbit Blaze and iPhone Apple Watch Series 1 integration will certainly not so deep, but the connection after iPhone, it still can provide basic notice like Apple like Watch and iPhone, the user can better use the Fitbit application and other functions, to love the body of iPhone users, Fitbit Blaze is also a worthy of consideration the choice of.

Huawei Watch

" if you want to buy a smart watch, and don't want to design a smart watch too much like a smart watch, then HUAWEI's products may be the best collocation of you. Although

said HUAWEI's products are not the most famous brand in the smart watch market, however, Huawei Watch is a stylish and sophisticated smart watches. From the design point of view, it avoids the appearance of "smart watch", it is more like a traditional, pay attention to the balance of the traditional watch, but it gives people the feeling is very comfortable.

similarly, in the configuration, Huawei Watch is not ambiguous.

but if the design style is not the primary consideration, in fact, Huawei Watch and iPhone is not very match.

although the software and functionality Huawei Watch is not bad, but it can not provide the same depth as Apple Watch Series 1 integration. At the same time, the system firmware Huawei Watch still has some Bug, it will make people think of a lot of shortcomings of the original Apple Watch. Overall, Huawei Watch has a very good strength, if you are smart watch design is very harsh, then you can also consider the choice of their own iPhone Huawei Watch.

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