NetEase cloud music, you enough! Have the ability not sensational ah

NetEase ability music hexagon

haojiyou· 2017-03-30 06:21:40

recently NetEase cloud music with a wave of aunt red advertising, covering the Hangzhou subway.

brother's circle of friends, have also been many soft cloud music turns shuabing.

is so tired, I'm tired of my aunt.

" into the Hangzhou subway, do not come to feel aunt red in the face from

Shuabing soft, said on the subway's stamp copy of tears.

small chrysanthemum few:

I want to do a can at your funeral

description of your life

not together is not together with

anyway, never in my life long

crying meal

is able to go on the

machine and not rebellious brother poke tears...... you see that rich sensational, almost like Sadako crawling out from the screen.

brother but think, in 2012, the music site in the Hongkong subway, light boxes, signs and other places, put the lyrics copywriting, straightforward, but hit the people.

, which one do you think is more of a tear?

in fact, the aircraft is also NetEase cloud music users.

is therefore, the elder brother believes that blindly sensational, does not poke tears.

really poke the tears, is a NetEase of cloud music, those who make people laugh to tears at the sad, laugh out sixteen sided bubble comments...

lyrics not their lyrics, stories, grabbed their hands, write this crazy verse.

the dark "Stefanie Sun

" I'm willing "-- Faye Wong

" little love song "

". "-- Eason Chan

" what kind of man "-- Jay Chou

" Princess "Jam Hsiao

" red bean "Faye Wong



what is love? Have not done... Oh no, people who do not love will not understand.

one of the love metaphor Jackie Chan tornado, particularly pertinent because...

"tornado" Jay Chou

"red rose" -- Eason Chan

"the transfer of love" -- Eason Chan

"met" -- Stefanie Sun

"because of love" - Eason Chan / Faye Wong

"onion "Aska Yang


the story of Eason Chan singing in the" exaggerated "exhausted from effort," ten times to do a "painstaking, outstanding.

sings the desire for attention.

but when it comes to exaggeration, the following story dares to recognize tenth, no one dares to recognize the number 987654321.

"I love" zero band


"wonderful ability song" - Chen

"hero song" -- Liu Huan

"Lei Feng good example" Linda Wong



years ago, Pu Shuchang Road, "some stories, not yet finished, then forget it.

now, it seems, this is a very sincere advice.

but some people would say, "Masked Heroes"...


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