In my 20 year old son Ziwei still face

My son Tammy crape myrtle.

wangyiyule· 2017-03-30 14:14:54

you remember that the little boy Jia Yunzhe?

is in the "Princess Huan 3" as the crape myrtle son "East son" of the little boy.

"Huanzhugege" when he shot only 6 years old, this year has been 20.

recently, he went to participate in the "happy boy" Nanjing singing District auditions, which again appeared in the eyes of everyone.

doesn't look like a 20 year old boy in, right?

a lot of people should know that the child's experience is also like the East general bumpy.

11 years old, had a serious illness, was examined in the left brain in a cyst, affecting his normal development. So the height is limited, looks also like a child.

but he's recovered from his illness and is now very healthy!

had a number of false reports, saying that he was seriously ill, height of only one meter or so, he was disgusted by the discussion, but also specifically clarified in micro-blog.

and exposed the height, in 2016 has grown to 160cm.

a lot of people misunderstand that he has a disability, he also said many times in micro-blog, he was not sick!

" this time he participated in the "fast men", is to get rid of the past, prove that he is no longer the child "East".

orange Jun also specially went to see his game interview video, performed a rap.

although this rap a bit awkward ha, but can see his character is very lively and cheerful!

voice is hoarse, love to laugh, has been an interview with the sister joke!

was asked why he came to the game, he said it was because the people around him said he was singing rubbish, and he wanted to prove it.

"content_img_p" now he has passed the first round of the game, the scene singing a few "cruel Moonlight", a subwoofer feeling pretty good.

he is now Communication University of China college students learn the host professional, although the face of the way, but speak very mature, eloquence is also very good.

also joked their "life can change radically, write a book"

" while undergoing change radically, the family is not rich, also has been relying on growth hormone of tall, but he is really very optimistic.

" this is he in 2015 to participate in the "The Legendary Swordsman" when...

comb Jarhead laugh, like a child, chatted about their experience also do not mind.

" he participated in many large variety, rich experience, looking forward to the good results in the "fast men".

" last

hope you a little less... On his misunderstanding of

shoveled shit officers, drying out your adorable pet!

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