Liu Xin is now married in happy boys!

Marriage happy boy Liu Xin TV series

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It's time for

to expose the age in the early morning!

has been the memory of the TA, now what kind of it, what to do? Long time no see, how are you?

2017 "Happy Boys" is the national auditions in 2010, we still remember the "Happy Boys"? Do you remember Liu Xin?

Liu Xin, born in August 26, 1987 in Liaoning, Anshan. He was the runner up for "happy boy" in 2010.

" impression, always wearing a hat Liu Xin participate in the game, holding the guitar, like this:

" Orange Love Liu Xin "Jun after the rain." at that time, the single cycle for several days to

"after the rain" is Liu Xin's own words and music of the song, after the game officially released this song.

", Liu Xin launched the first solo album "EP the kid next door"

" in addition to music, Liu Xin also appeared in the television series "summer sweetheart":

" he played in the drama Road:

" has also appeared in the web series "

the Xiao Ke musical "what I love you "

also recently participated in the variety show" good song "I

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in the development of the cause at the same time, Liu Xin also harvest love and entered the marriage hall.

2016 May, Liu Xin and his girlfriend Pei Xiaoyan held a wedding ceremony in Beijing:

" after the wedding. Look at the pictures of the scene, a few pieces of wedding ~

light to see photos Feel the air is filled with the sweet taste ~

two people are very well matched, although it is late, Ju Zijun or blessing Liu Xin and girlfriend, Pei Xiaoyan!

Liu Xin recently took a group of hard photos, look at it.


" Liu Xin in 24, micro-blog said a new song:

" appears immediately can hear the music of Liu Xinxin, happy to fly up to

(pictures from the network, if infringement, please contact the orange Jun ~)


2010 years men you remember who?

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