Children grow up in need of nutrition, diet may be appropriate to add these foods

Nutrition diet food children

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1. The nutrients needed for the growth of children

1, high carbohydrate

carbohydrate can provide energy. The child's brain will make the best use of carbohydrates to produce energy. If the carbohydrate is too low, the child's body will not be able to metabolize fatty acids, thus losing protein and becoming weak. Children need 50~100 grams of carbohydrates per day.

2, an important protein

protein to improve the child's body growth process. In addition, proteins regulate the pH and acid-base balance of the blood. It helps to synthesize and stimulate the secretion of many hormones and enzymes. Most importantly, it helps to form cells and improve immunity.

balanced diet can help children grow up in =''>

3, moderate amount of healthy fat

although excessive intake of fat will have a negative impact on children's health, but a small amount of healthy fat is necessary. Fat from food can maintain the child's hair and skin, maintain body temperature, promote healthy cell function.

4, vitamin

and mineral nutrients help maintain the body's vital body function. It promotes overall health and protects children from harmful diseases and infections. Vitamins and minerals help the child's physical development process, normal metabolism, and eliminate harmful toxins.

two, can provide children nutritious food, fruits and vegetables


every day to eat vegetables and fruits to the 2, be sure to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also use a snack, or you can add vegetables to the soup.

2, all kinds of cereal

4 servings of whole grains per day. You can make a lot of bread, white bread, sandwiches, brown rice, buckwheat pancakes, etc.. Coarse grains can provide children with fiber and nutrition, to avoid constipation.

3, milk and dairy products

3 points a day, or a glass of milk a day. Yogurt, cheese, milk pudding as some healthy alternatives. Dairy products contain large amounts of calcium, protein, is extremely important for children.

4, a variety of protein

let the child eat 2 servings of protein per day. And let the children try to various kinds of protein, such as eggs, fish, lean meat, baked beans and lentils, etc..

5 and

children can get vitamins and minerals, vitamins and minerals from many foods, you can also take the doctor's advice, let children take some vitamin supplements.

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