Patty Hou announced a second child! Push off the work focus on raising tires

Patty Hou a second child a baby girl and

tengxunyule· 2017-03-30 20:43:02

Tencent entertainment news March 30th news, according to Taiwan "news" reported that Patty Hou in 2011 married the securities company vice president Huang Baijun, married and has one son Ian (Ian), her son was born after often in the community to share parenting a bit now, her through a brokerage firm confirmed that he had pregnant with a second child, has been pregnant more than 3 months, so that fans surprised.

according to Taiwan media reports, Patty Hou confirmed by the brokerage firm, has been pregnant with a second child, currently more than 3 months pregnant. It is reported that, in order to keep her child concentrate, pushed off more than 7 in the job offer including Taiwan, mainland China, New York, Paris fashion week, also do not go, even the original will be published in April, and therefore postponed, estimated at least earn tens of millions.

Patty Hou, 39 years old, and Huang Baijun, vice president of the securities company after Ian was born, is now pregnant with a second child will be upgraded to become a family of four happy families, and if the fetus is female, can get into a "good" word, message, order, and have offered fans surprised blessing.

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Patty Hou announced a second child! Push off the work focus on raising tires

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