The original creative producer "exotic town soul song" launched HD version

HD original edition precedent

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2017-03-30 22:23:07

for the production of two "Baldur's gate" and other classic HD RPG enhanced version of the famous Beamdog today announced another epic "exotic Requiem" HD enhanced version will be landing Windows, Linux and Mac PC platform in April 11th. The

was originally released in 1999, the "not very popular Dungeons & Dragons" in the "world scenery" set, because of the human nature and the cycle of deep thinking, strong plot and set the world, known as one of the greatest works in CRPG history, but because of the early version of the operating and stories are more obscure, business is not very successful. In the "

" enhanced version, Beamdog invited the chief designer of the original legendary producer Chris Avalon to supervise and improve the various aspects of the game, including updates, bug fixes and modern function. The game screen will be updated to 4K resolution, and the redesign of the corresponding UI, also added new humanized functions, such as zoom, highlight target, scene quick pick-up and combat records, if you want to play the original way, these enhanced features can also close all.

"enhanced version" at present but will not contain Chinese, after Beamdog launched the enhanced version of the classic RPG had "Baldur's gate:" enhanced version update simplified Chinese precedent, and "Planescape torment" had sold in the mainland the localization of high quality Chinese version, do not know whether the day will be updated after.

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