Putin ruled Russia for 17 years, people satisfied?

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In, the outbreak of the revolution in October, the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty; in the Soviet Union in 1989. The last day of 1999, Putin officially became president of Russia, has ruled Russia for 17 years. On Sunday, Russia broke out the biggest parade in five years.

that Putin under the rule of Russia came to a critical moment, then the Russian people is how to treat the situation in Russia, as well as Putin?

" Soviet republics map

aigul · Valle Ieva , 49 years old, from UFA, now the Russian Academy of Sciences researcher metal.

I was born in the Soviet Union, the "state" is a large Republic alliance, each Union Republic not a standard of living, their situation is not the same, but the Soviet government wanted to put everyone into the same. In order to obtain the advantages of beauty, the Yenisei River on both sides to see the rocket, however a dam, but the sausage queue for hours, buy new clothes is optional except in size no other method.

after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country fell apart and the economy was in trouble.

Putin came to power, take measures to change the decadent situation, vigorously develop agriculture, science and technology and manufacturing, military power has also been significantly improved.

if we want to gain the respect of the world, we must show the strength of the country.

in my opinion, Putin in Russia, deeply loved the people, because the big guy had enough original the old, weak, sick of the leaders, and Putin not only presents as a new generation of young leaders should have style, and he also led Russia to reproduce the old style power.

" in support of Putin's Russian people holding the rule of Putin in 2024 to support brand

Ilya · Antu Hof , 30 years old, from Moscow, the programmer.

now the Russian political system is still very solid, participation in politics is boring. Its participation in politics, but also to promote the development of new technology.

I usually do not watch TV, do not like to passively accept political content, not to mention the TV broadcast of the news I can not confirm true and false. On the contrary, the Internet is a good thing, and now the vast majority of Russian young people like to get information on the internet.

the political parade is not for me, freedom, peace of mind is the business. By the way, although the thirty-first article of the Russian Constitution clearly stipulates that citizens have the right to a peaceful assembly, I prefer to take a breath of fresh air and take a quiet walk.

" last week for the parade of young Russian Alina

· Barty Che Va , 29 years old, from Bala Corvo, the manager of the coffee shop.

even if Russia's economy and politics in the past is so bad, it is still a great power.

Putin's greatest achievement is to prove that he is much stronger than the previous leader. Although Putin has many mysteries, but most of them are from our fancy. In the long run, the serf system and the communist construction have made the relationship between the upper class and the lower class. The Russians are generally satisfied with Putin's rule.

1999" in December 31st, Yeltsin left Moscow Kremlin, left is Putin

Alexander · Cu Levi Chi , 30 years old, from Kosovo is now a ski instructor asked.

compared with the Soviet Union at that time, Russia is now a lot stronger, we do not have to obey the orders of other countries, politics is no longer manipulated by others. Even recapture Crimea in exchange for sanctions, but nothing serious.

in the face of a bad national situation, Putin vigorously develop the army, including the army, Navy, and can be comparable to Tsar Alexander III. Today, Putin's support rate is so high, it is his independence. You look at Merkel, to make a decision to consult others, we do not need Putin, which is very important for russia.

but we are too slow to solve domestic problems, and we can't just blame Putin. The vast majority of Russians have not recovered from the chaos of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, some Russians do not even know what their rights are unclear.

" that the "New York Times" the collapse of the Soviet Union front

· Hoche Lo Va , galena; 74 years old, a retired engineer from Moscow, the Russian Academy of sciences.

as a Soviet era of scientists, we get a couple of free three bedroom, but also the central part of moscow. It's not a rich man, but it's a good day.

's economic and political reforms have changed everything, like a disaster. We are certainly not able to tolerate the West's commitment to friendship, but for the NATO forces in the Baltic Sea, endangering national security. Moreover, the influx of capitalism also led to economic turmoil, political power fell into the hands of those thieves.

Soviet era,

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