Which of these games has the most enduring and powerful influence?

Influence of Wii the bailiff Sims

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Strong (The Strong National Museum Museum of Play) is a museum located in New York, Rochester City, which in addition to display various's toys and crafts products, but also in possession of a lot of video games.

Strong museum's "world video game hall of fame" (World Video Game Hall of Fame) will choose some of the most influential in the long time of the electronic game every year, after which they will be permanently retained in the Museum of the game eGameRevolution (electronic game evolution) exhibition.


the museum exhibition recently announced there will be hope became the "world video game hall of fame" ten nominated games, this list is as follows:


Final Fantasy 7

halo: Combat Evolved


cards (Mortal Kombat reality call

) mysterious island elf treasure can dream of red / green


biochemical crisis

Street Fighter 2

Tomb Raider

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" game player who can at the Strong museum website page on the official vote, will be released in May 4th this year end selected The game of the world video game.

you can refer to the first two years have been selected in the world of Electronic Games honor Hall of the game, ranking.


super Mario Bros.



World of Warcraft

table tennis

pac man


space invaders Zelda Sonic the hedgehog


Oregon trail


in the list this year, do you think the most influential what game?


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