Anger destroys the child's spirit; don't get angry with yourself!

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no matter how hard life gives you, in front of the children, please control your temper. The more you calm, the more children area, family life more happiness, more prosperous.

" parents don't angry with the child to the child, you temper children, will destroy the child's spiritual, as with a inhibition on the child's head, a gas on a tempering, add a back inhibition.

days and months multiplying, inhibition is more and more, virtual inhibition becomes a real headache in children, also let the children fear parents away from their parents, not only harm the child victims of their own children, the soul is firmly imprisons the damaged, curiosity disappeared, create force disappeared, Chushengniudu not afraid of the tiger spirit have disappeared. Wisdom never had, the more want to let him learn well, his study will be more and more bad, and parents expect more and more runs counter to. This is the result of a child with a temper.

gentleman only change their character reflect and try to find the cause, and the child will be changed by you. "Children and grandchildren do not have to manage, all by virtue of sexy" this is a profound truth, to change our angry temper temper. Take the "reckless" approach to education for children, is the child's commander, of the guide, to often find the child's strengths would be the child of flash, encourage children. In praise at the same time, persuade children to correct bad habits. Help children open spiritual treasure.

at the same time, resentment hurt the spleen; hate sad; angry hurt the lungs; anger injury liver. We should be vigilant, do not underestimate the daily worries small temper. Most of the reasons why people go to middle age are in sub healthy state, mainly because of the bad temperament. While the parents are rude, the children will be angry at their parents, family harmony and joy will not.


Chong tantrums will let the children lose the spiritual

" [1] if children love blame others, because we usually too much to his criticism.

[2] if a child likes to complain about everything, it's because we always find fault with him.

[3] if the child likes confrontation, because we are hostile to him and forced.

[4] if the child is not good enough, because we are a lack of compassion.

[5] if a child is timid and shy, it is because he is often mocked and abused.

[6] if the child does not tell us the truth, because we talk to catch the child, dig up.

[7] if the child does not distinguish between right and wrong, because we are autocratic, did not give children the opportunity to think independently and.

[8] if the child is very self abased, because we are always disappointed with the child, can not be patient to encourage.

[9] if the child is jealous, sensitive, afraid of injury, because our family is not tolerant and warm.

[10] if the child doesn't like himself, it is because of our lack of acceptance, recognition and respect for him.

[11] if the child does not progress, not hard, because we ask him too much, he can not do.

[12] if the child is selfish, because we are too spoiled him, what to give.

[13] if the child does not understand the parents, because we do not teach him to understand others.

[14] if the child retreat, escape, because of our contempt and blow.

[15] if the child is lazy and dependent, it is because we do things for our children and make too many decisions.

temper with a coup

" sometimes the child is too naughty, really can't make people angry, fire is always simmering is not ah. So the fire can not, do not get angry can not, very tangled heart!

however, parents are people, not God, so there will be the passions with emotions, let us never get angry, always gentle and firm, always calm is not rude? That is a parent, is not too wronged?!

in fact, parenting methods are always for our self promotion for reference, rather than absolute rules. To put it plainly, parents have the right to be angry. As one teacher said, "anger and happiness are equally important to people.

if you could not help the child get angry, please do it

[1] first, accept the angry facts, not guilty, let the child know what are you at this moment on his emotional reaction.

[2] second, the objective surface to reach their own feelings, you worry about the child. For example, I was angry because I was worried about you, not to say: your child is always so headache! Don't fanjiuzhang, to label the child, or is outspoken to blame.

[3] in the end, you can directly tell the child, what we expect, how the child will do better. It can clear to point out a child can avoid trouble, or methods to solve the problems.

[4] if the above 3 steps you do not do it, please be aware of the wrong, feel

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