The more tubes, the worse the children! These three methods of error correction, do not reuse! Give you four unique skills!

Children the more the trick the wrong

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in the US, there is a class of children, they do their homework and exams, but can deal with teachers and parents, in the face of criticism and education of parents and teachers do not resist, no matter, intentions and actions no more change...... Parents are puzzled: "I put so much time and energy for children, life, learning, interest and expertise to worry about everything, why the child is always a careless and lazy way? "What is it that makes parents fall into the tube, and the more children are lazy? The following three kinds of "tube", it is easy to lead to lack of motivation to learn the child, no sense of responsibility, lax lazy, parents and friends to look at the comparison, whether he is lying gun it?


excessive intervention intervention, can undermine children's self-management ability. many parents in the primary school children even after high school, still think the child is still small, do not know how to arrange their activities. Still like the infant child care children's life and study, from the pack, the room of these living things, to the child's learning details, such as when to preview review, reported what extracurricular classes, are involved in, without intervention, sometimes even directly make a decision for the children. Over time, the children become more and more dependent on their parents, not to love the brain, too lazy to think, too lazy to worry about, the ability to manage their own natural exercise and improve.

2 over reward

over reward, will undermine the child's intrinsic enthusiasm. some parents adhere to the "less criticism and more praise," the educational philosophy that praise and reward can make children more confident, can help children develop good habits. As everyone knows, the reward is not used, it will have a negative effect. If the parents will always inspire children to work as a reward, the child to do anything after will be eager to get the reward, will not pay attention to brings you joy and success, is not completely for an action or investment, and gradually lose the learning motivation and initiative within.

3 excessive protection of

over protection, will deprive children of their own responsibility for the opportunity. for fear that the child is hungry to go after the child feeding; because the child crying to give the child to buy the toys do not need; for fear that the child burns, afraid of breaking the dishes will not let the children participate in housework...... One parent, Aiko eager child care, however, in such a meticulous care and protection, children gradually lost for themselves to be responsible for their own choices and be responsible for their own learning and life.

more than three kinds of "tube" method is more typical and universal, easily lead to children procrastination, laziness, lack of sense of responsibility. What should I do? live gentleman suggestions so you can ":

1 let go, cultivate children's independent consciousness of children

parents to gradually let go, less interference and control of children, fully believe the child's ability to respect the views of children, so they have more the opportunity to arrange their own learning and life according to their own interest and curiosity. At the same time, they should be allowed to fail and give them the chance to make mistakes and correct them. junior children can help by parents, guidance and supervision, and gradually transition to the child by the independent arrangement, independent completion. This will enable the child to get a sense of self-control, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and self determination and will. Eager to intervene, eager to correct, will make the child's thinking and action have a sense of dependence, do not want to dare to explore the unknown.

2 don't build their awareness of the rules of

on children with full confidence and let go, pay attention to children's free will and independent thinking, does not mean that children can do, does not mean that the contempt of the rules and abandon, but allow children to have limited freedom. parents should give their children a clear scope of autonomy, what is appropriate to relax, what is the need to limit, what must be strictly observed. For example, parents and children should work together to ensure that the children get enough sleep determine bedtime and wake time, because the absolute prohibition of Laichuang to be late for school. If you indulge, the state of mind will be a problem, become lazy and indifferent, it is impossible to work hard and hard. Therefore, parents should strengthen supervision and close cooperation with the school, to help children strengthen the sense of rules and daily norms, develop good habits, let the children understand the more self-discipline can be more free".

3 clever reward, stimulate children's internal motivation

parents to use more internal incentives, less use of external incentives. children to actively explore and understand the world around by the resulting pride and sense of accomplishment, itself is to reward children at this time, if the parents can timely affirmation, timely encouragement and give emotional and spiritual support, this reward is intrinsic rewards. On the contrary, parents give their children material commitment to do something

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