From the scene of a parade in Pakistan, China and Pakistan Relations

Pakistan military parade China scene

tengxunjunshi· 2017-03-31 11:02:24

a week ago in March 23rd, coincides with the national day of Pakistan. On this day, in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, held a parade.

parade parade rehearsal in the photo before, people found such a scene:

" China equipment and honor guard "img_box" id= "

, at the event, Chinese people's Liberation Army sent a military honor guard at the scene, and the Pakistani army display equipment, but there is a wide variety of China manufacturing "".

Chinese netizens often affectionately referred to as Pakistan Ba iron, and this scene, it is the relationship between the two countries, iron proof.

Pakistan military equipment: "made in China" know how much?

in Pakistan, the parade, not only for the first time by the 90 members of the China people's Liberation Army queue, there are a large number of China and Pakistan jointly developed weapons debut, let Pakistan Army fans see:

in ground equipment, the army equipment is China for "Khaled" battle tank. In terms of air defense equipment, the Pakistani army put out a Chinese made air defense system: medium range air defense missile LY-80, short-range air defense missile FM-90. Electronic equipment, various types of early warning radar, command and communications equipment, some Chinese had shown in the export exhibition, and others Chinese their equipment and spirit are all like "".

is flying in the sky, Pakistan jointly developed the fierce dragon fighter, China developed K-8 trainer, and even "Pegasus" UAV (Chinese Pakistan authorized production of "rainbow -3" UAV) mounted two AR-1 ground missiles flying in formation. You know, this is the worldwide first active UAV flight fleet to participate in the parade, which shows that the models in the coordination of safety, is very reliable, "fully trust batie" brothers.

even strategic weapon level, Pakistan demonstrated various types of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, but also let the Chinese military fans look familiar".

can be seen from a military parade, Pakistan bilateral cooperation in the field of national defense has a profound basis, and China Pakistan Relations by many Pakistan people known as the "flowing with milk and honey of friendship", this sentence is not white said. Long circulating

" on the Internet a 'armed forces soldier border photo, this is what kind of feeling?

bilateral diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, the bilateral relations are often described as all-weather". This is a historical formation and has undergone a historical examination. In

1947, Pakistan was independent of the British colony of India, including West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). 1951, Pakistan and the newly established new China established diplomatic relations. It was at the beginning of the cold war, Pakistan and the United States approached, hoping to get support from the United States, against the threat of India. However, the Americans did not give any substantial help. On the contrary, the new China is not ideological differences, and Pakistan has become a good neighbor. Soon after 1962, Pakistan surprised to see, Chinese to tens of thousands of "border guards" destroy India, which makes the strength and determination of China Pakistan have a profound understanding of.

1965, the second India Pakistan war, Pakistan retreat. At this critical moment, the Chinese side within the scope of its ability to take a variety of measures, in terms of weapons and equipment, strategic situation and other important support to the Palestinians, directly contributed to the India hand". Under the influence of China, India and Pakistan signed the "Tashkent declaration", shaking hands and. In the third Sino Indian War of 1971, China, despite its domestic difficulties, still gave Pakistan important assistance and support. In order to get through the land route between China and Pakistan, in 70s, China active construction over the Karakoram "Pakistan friendship highway", hundreds of China aid workers sacrificed their precious lives. It can be said that the Sino Pakistani friendship is absolutely blood and life cast. And after these things, Pakistan is a clear understanding of who is a true friend.

of course, Pakistan is also on the Chinese provides a lot of support, whether it is before 1971 and speak at the United Nations (Chinese had yet to return to the United Nations), or later in various international occasions to help make Chinese have a reliable partner in the international arena.

economic corridor to enhance the significance of strategic cooperation

entered in twenty-first Century, the Sino Pakistani cooperation is also on a new level. The

display of the fierce dragon fighter is an example: the development of this aircraft, Pakistan does provide a lot of funds, the Chinese aviation industry was badly in need of a contract, is an important additional investment". What's more, Pakistan has a lot of cooperation with western countries, so it has become an important window for China to understand western technology. In the fierce dragon after the service, China Pakistan first help to establish a production line, so that Pakistan can be equipped with a large number of "parity" advanced fighter aircraft, the army air defense as pressing danger dispelled.

since then, the two countries together in third

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From the scene of a parade in Pakistan, China and Pakistan Relations