The military, military formation, impact damage Waduan military communication lines... You are going to heaven?


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flood, wind and rain is the most beautiful military retrograde; the earthquake came, soldiers overnight rushed relief line; war, soldiers who cast the city, people will protect behind. People always say that the military is a special group of people, they are rare in recent years to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve at home, the babbling of children see papa, blurt out is "uncle". Soldiers with youth and blood but all kinds of cases involving the army protect our homes and defend our country, but have occurred, such destruction of military communication lines, manufacturing, Waduan false documents, selling fake uniforms impact military vehicle formation … …

" these cases against the military servicemen and their dependents the legitimate rights and interests of the interference forces the normal combat training order, causing serious damage to the national defense and army building. In March 2017, the Fifth National People's Congress held its third plenary meeting, the Supreme People's Procuratorate Cao Jianming in the work report pointed out that in 2016 prosecutors in the criminal prosecution involving as many as 301 people. Today, let us count ten cases involving military criminal cases, together with the security of national defense and cut off the interests of the black hand!



2. youth objector to be punished so

3. private cars wear armored vehicles

4.", the false soldier swagger hit cheat jingfangxingju

5." illegal mining damage military communication lines sentenced

6. the owner of a private prosecution amounting to

fake uniforms

7. families was "Laolai" debts not yet apply to the court for enforcement of

8. the purchase and use of fake military officer the arrest of

9. with "UN peacekeepers" false military vehicle documents amounting to

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10. in the first half of 7 UAV

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