See this kind of rascal, in my heart that only a little sympathy vanished


gaotiejianwen· 2017-03-31 11:02:48

3 26 15:43, Nanjing south railway station security incidents took place. A man jumped off the platform, across the track, climb on the side of the platform in the moment, with the D3026/7 side of the train station just scraped side, was stuck between the body and the platform. Firefighters rushed to the site to destroy the concrete and the panel rescued the man, rescued, the man has no vital signs.

accident caused extensive hot discussion focused on high-speed rail to pingbimen on the issue, but most people think that this young man is really done, without any awareness of the rules, his behavior not only ruined his young life. Return to society caused huge losses. In order to save him was destroyed high-speed rail platform is not to say, the day after the Nanjing South China railway high-speed rail all late, many passengers stranded high-speed rail station, they recruit who provoke who?

this kind of situation, in foreign countries, including Japan, because the individual does not comply with the rules of the railway operation to bring great harm and loss, the railway company will generally through legal means to find their families to seek compensation. In Japan there are relevant laws expressly provided that the relevant cases are not in the minority.

but, in China, there is a saying called "the wicked to complain", people are used to public opinion kidnapping, the habit of using cheap sympathy, to achieve their ulterior motives. Thus, the NanJing South Railway Station dead sister jumped out, she made a long micro-blog, questioned the truth of the matter.

her micro-blog is like this.

" well, after all, is dead, no matter how much as his misconduct, we always have some sympathy. However, her sister's behavior so that people can see that the man's misconduct is not accidental, so that they have two brothers and sisters have the same strange logic. Want the truth? If you do not pretend to be invisible, the video has spread all over the Internet, can't you see? Are you going to be the truth, or the money? Do not want to be a bit of money, in fact, plainly, it will be better. But with the wicked, that will only make my heart a little sympathy only vanished … … you know, you to your little abacus, eat your brother the blood Steamed Buns. … …

a person for their own interests, ignoring the rules, ignoring the public safety. Jump off the railway, bring great harm to the high-speed trains, harm the public interest, so that more than a dozen times high-speed trains, tens of thousands of people stranded in the NanJing Railway Station. Why a person's shameless to let thousands of passengers to pay ah! They may have to participate in the life of the interview, some people want to rush to see the last one of the loved ones, some people want to go to work in front of others. This society is not your weak you right, every time a matter, a party to put the attitude of heaven questioned really make people speechless, forced to throw pot comfortable? Really can not see who is wrong? The

no doubt is the heart of any sense of moral scum, his death is pitiful, but sympathy does not change for the standard of good and evil judgment, can not change the people for right and wrong judgment. He died in the train station, but not the train hurt him, but he used his own disregard for the rules of the serious harm to public safety, jumping from the building, do we have to condemn the building? Jump to the sea, so we have to blame the sea? The Tiaohe River, we do so to condemn the rivers?

in addition to illogical, but one thing I wonder is, girl, your brother is gone, you send a lovely smiling face from the camera in the end is a few mean?

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See this kind of rascal, in my heart that only a little sympathy vanished


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