Let us learn to play Russian missile carrier with fear China?

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3M22 "zircon" cruise missile model

of Russia's new "zircon" superb performance of supersonic cruise missile by Britain's concern, such weapons pose a threat to the British fleet, may change the balance of power in the world. According to the "mirror" 26, pointed out that the new missile can be a blow to destroy the British fleet of the most advanced vessels, experts worry that zircon missile can hit a value of 6 billion pounds of two new aircraft carriers in the United kingdom. Because the British fleet had no defense against the missile. An aircraft carrier can only travel outside its range - which means hundreds of kilometers. Aircraft fuel is not enough to fly over this distance, therefore, the aircraft carrier assault formation does not make sense. Experts have warned, "zircon" missile a maximum speed of up to 7400 kilometers per hour, is 6 times the speed of sound, the United States and the British Navy anti missile modernization tool hit only the speed of not more than 3700 kilometers per hour missile, which means that they have "zircon" invalid. This can not be blocked, the Russian missile may become the real disaster of British and American aircraft carriers.

X-43A is the United States on behalf of

hypersonic vehicles in recent years, driven by the United States, the world's major countries have poured money in the development of hypersonic weapons, such as America's X-43A and ARRMD and X-51A hypersonic weapon project, China Dongfeng -ZF/WU-14 3M22, Russia's "zircon" missile and YU-71, India's HSTDV project, as well as Japan and Australia etc.. In this one, 3M22 "zircon" may be the first cruise missile weapons, because it is a high supersonic missile project, as long as the engine technical problems not much obstacles, the development of such a missile is not what difficulty. In March 2016, Russia has completed the test for the first time on land 3M22 "zircon" new hypersonic cruise missile, also for submarine launched the missile test in the spring of this year, once the two launch platform completed the test, it may mean the equipment era is coming.

HSTDV hypersonic project model "img_box"

3M22 "in India show that zircon" cruise missile in the end how the performance? The missile is developed based on P-800 "Onyx" and "Brad Moss" supersonic anti-ship missiles on the range of not less than 400 km, the maximum flight speed of 5 to 6 Maher should be equipped with scramjet. Unlike hypersonic warheads, the 3M22 "zircon" hypersonic missile is flying in the atmosphere, not in space, so it can also be called a hypersonic cruise missile. The deadly missile could be launched from land, sea and underwater, it can fly 250 kilometers in two and a half minutes, the hitting process only 240 seconds, faster than the sniper rifle bullets, so any defense measures do not react against the end of the process. British experts have pointed out that this missile may change the balance of power, because there is no opponent, so even if advanced, such as the United Kingdom, in today's surface ships, including the latest aircraft carrier can not deal with.

" of the United States Navy "Hiram" will not intercept the 3M22 zircon

such advanced weapons, equipment to Russia in which platform to perform what combat tasks? Allegedly, the Russian military will put 3M22 "zircon" hypersonic missiles and equipment in the "Sam -M class nuclear submarine, the fifth generation of the" Haski "class nuclear submarines and modernization upgrade after the" Admiral admiral "and" nuclear powered cruiser Peter the great nuclear powered cruiser, can also be equipped with in transit and figure -160M2 the future of PAK-DA strategic bombers. Look at these ships, are representative of the main force of the Russian naval strike, their biggest enemy of course, is the western countries of the aircraft carrier. From the 3M22 "zircon" hypersonic missile 6 times faster, whether it is RAM Block 1A Mk15 "missile phalanx CIWS" or "Hai Lamu system, are unable to pay far more than it can intercept range of 3700 kilometers per hour up to 2 times the target, which means to deal with the new the aircraft carrier, Russia has a new trump card.

3M22 "will upgrade zircon" cruise missile Russian nuclear powered cruiser

as the saying goes, the world of martial arts but not fast breaking. The combat aircraft carrier in the exploration, Chinese walk is the use of Dongfeng -21 high trajectory and 10 times more than the final velocity of penetration, has achieved great success, while Russia is another way to continue its use of hypersonic cruise missile model. Now, if the 3M22 zircon cruise missile can do so on the ship, and in 2020 to 2022 years to form combat capability, then, will significantly enhance the Russian Navy's anti aircraft carrier combat capability. Analysis now sea battle, if hypersonic weapons into the war, the first attack of a party is likely to win the victory, and hypersonic weapons will enable future combat major changes have occurred, is bound to combat theories and methods and existing weapons equipment development

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