What are some of the commonly used drugs for the treatment of diarrhea in children

Baby diet therapy commonly used medicine food

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current diet, irregular life and other causes of diarrhea caused by a significant increase in the number of children in. A day to pull several times or even dozens of times, how to help him add moisture, as soon as possible to restore? In addition to taking medicine, there are other ways. The baby diarrhea diet therapy

: fresh carrot radish mud amount, cut into small pieces, add water boiled or steamed rotten, remove the carrots, mashed, boiled carrots and then add water and mix thoroughly, every 5 to 10 grams of carrots, about 100 ml of water carrot mud. This method is effective in the treatment of infantile diarrhea.

: take a suitable amount of coke rice millet, ground and simmer into the pot, stir fry until brown, add appropriate amount of water into a paste, cool after taking 2 to 3 times daily. Jiao rice paste is easy to digest, it can also absorb the carbonized structure of the intestinal tract of corruption substances, there are anti diarrhea effect of diarrhea, diarrhea is one of the first choice of food.

: steamed steamed apple apple has antidiarrheal effect is very good, this is because apple contains pectin, tannic acid, without heating the fruit gum can soften the stool, play the role of catharsis, pectin and cooked with absorption of bacteria and toxins, as well as convergence, antidiarrheal effect. Wash the apple, cut into small pieces with the skin, into the bowl, steamed 5 minutes can be separated from the water, after a little cooling, with a spoon into the mud can be eaten on an average, eat an average of 2 to 3 times a day. Purslane : Purslane

porridge is a kind of medicine and food plants, with Qingrejiedu, Lishi diarrhoea effect of short duration, then the golden stool urgency, diarrhea has very good curative effect. Will be 30 grams of fresh purslane (or dry purslane, G, G, g), plus 100 grams of rice porridge, sooner or later to take the 10.

: yam yam lotus rice porridge with spleen and kidney function, lotus also spleen diarrhea effect, suitable for long, with no stool diarrhea diarrhea, food digestion valve. Will be 30 grams of Chinese yam washed peeled, cut into thin slices or Xiaoding, 20 grams of lotus seeds soaked after washing for about 2 hours, and 100 grams of rice porridge together, sooner or later.

baby diarrhea medicine

oral rehydration salts baby diarrhea: the most important is to prevent and correct dehydration, such as reducing amount of food, less urine, or baby dry mouth, parents can take a few times to feed oral rehydration salts. Montmorillonite powder

: the protection of the intestinal mucosa and adsorption of virus and bacteria, when taken in accordance with the instructions, the drug against the proportion of water master.

intestinal flora regulator : such as mommy love, Pei Feikang, Golden bifid, adjuvant treatment of diarrhea.

baby diarrhea can be more than the use of traditional Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese medicine therapy can not be used for treatment of diarrhea, if the baby diarrhea patients need timely medical treatment.

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