Pregnant women can drink mung bean soup mung bean soup 6 taboos can not forget

Taboo pregnant women mung bean soup food

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we know that mung bean can clear the toxins in the body, can be said to have a great role in our body, mung bean soup is a good drink, but we know that mung bean soup is not everyone can drink it? Therefore, we should understand what the green bean soup in the end what taboos, follow up to see it.

pregnant women to drink green bean soup mung bean contains - lysine essential amino acids. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of protein, can improve the utilization of protein, thereby increasing appetite and digestive function. Can promote development, improve intelligence, height, weight gain, it is known as the nutritional amino acids. So pregnant women drink a little mung bean soup is good for themselves and their babies.

, mung bean is also rich in starch, fat, protein, vitamins and zinc, calcium and other minerals.

traditional medicine: Sweet mung bean cold, non-toxic, effective Qingrejiedu, thirst, heat and water swelling, tuiyi Mingmu, skin beauty.

so for pregnant women to drink green bean soup can not only reduce pathogenic fire, also can remove toxic, but also helps to solve the problem of constipation during pregnancy. From these aspects, pregnant women can drink mung bean soup.

, however, Xiao Bian also remind prospective mothers who drink mung bean soup should be based on their physical fitness, mung bean, after all, is cool food, spleen and stomach weakness of pregnant women should not eat. Take medicine, especially when you take a warm tonic do not eat mung bean food, so as not to reduce the efficacy. Not boiled mung bean smell strong, easy to eat after nausea, vomiting.

in addition to the above mentioned Helvdoutang benefits, pregnant women drink Mung Bean Congee can also alleviate morning sickness.

1, mung bean soup taboo is the cold body of people should not drink green bean soup

cold constitution, manifested as cold limbs, fatigue, pain, diarrhea and cold will dilute. Eat green beans will aggravate the symptoms such as diarrhea, or even cause (the worst case caused by dehydration), blood stagnation caused by muscle joint pain, stomach and spleen and stomach caused by chronic gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system.

drink mung bean soup can prevent heat stroke, treatment of food poisoning and so on, hot swollen, hot thirst, hot dysentery, pox and other drugs have a certain effect. But cold constitution, weakness or medication is not suitable for drinking.

2, a frail person should not drink green bean soup

because mung bean protein content more than chicken protein needs under the action of the enzyme into small peptides, amino acids can be absorbed by the body. This kind of people's digestive function is poor, easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion. Don't drink not to drink when fasting, fasting


mung bean soup, bean soup Xinghan, fasting drink is not good for the stomach.

4, Tangbuke mung bean drink every day

appropriate to drink no problem. General adults drink 2 to 3 times a week, each bowl can be. Children should be based on specific physical fitness, it is best to consult a doctor. In general, children 2 to 3 years old began to eat porridge, you can add a certain amount of mung bean. After 6 years of age, only the amount of drinking adults.

5, excessive Helvdoutang or by gastrointestinal diseases generally excessive

mung bean soup can appear cold stomach, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. Excessive drinking of mung bean soup can appear leucorrhea, abdominal distension, dysmenorrhea and other gynecological symptoms.

6, mung bean and traditional Chinese medicine can not be the same clothes

often hear people say: eat Chinese medicine can not eat mung beans, so as not to cure. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: mung bean smell ganhan, non-toxic...... Solution of all herbs, cattle and horses, stone poison. Folk boiled mung bean soup is often used as one of the first aid of drug poisoning. Therefore, mung bean and traditional Chinese medicine can not be the same clothes on the spread down.

mung bean itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, can heat detoxification. If you are suffering from the heat and heat heat invasion carbuncle erysipelas, venereal disease, Chinese medicine can also take mung bean soup, complement each other.

if you suffer from gastrointestinal weak acid limb fatigue, chills, cold pain and systemic disease, loose stools diarrhea should be fasting mung bean. Otherwise, not only reduce the efficacy of the drug, but also increase the severity of the disease. Therefore, whether eat mung bean can not be generalized when taking Chinese medicines, should according to the condition of cold and heat and the flavors of Chinese medicine and.

the practice of mung bean soup bean soup making

mung bean wash and dry moisture control, into the pot, add boiling water, boiling water amount to just 2 cm of mung bean, boil, use of fire, when water to boil dry (avoid pan), adding a lot of boiling water, cover the pot and continue to cook for 20 minutes, until the green beans have been crisp rotten, soup green can.


method of making bean soup will be green beans washed, soaked with boiling water for 20 minutes, remove and into the pot, add enough water, stir and simmer for 40 minutes.

mung bean soup production method three

mung bean washed into the thermos bottle, pour boiling water cover. After 3~4 hours, the mung bean has swollen soft, the next pot, it is very easy for a relatively short period of time will be boiled mung bean.

mung bean soup approach four

will pick a good green beans washed dry, fry in the pan for about 10 minutes, and then cook, mung beans can be cooked quickly.

mung bean

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