Fish original ass dance funny bad Huw Mike Angie when his brother sacrificed more

Hu He Anji fish brother

lamabang· 2017-03-31 12:09:58

this week "carp brothers" will bring more funny "dance songs", the bursting of the small fish cell original "ass dance", mother Hu He amused laugh. "Carp brothers recently hooked on dance, which belongs to" self creation "faction, the Hu He micro-blog in Anji, and the small fish brothers comedy staged a younger version of modern dance, the little fish kept circling Anji command. In this week's show, the little fish SOLO's ass dance will also be available.

at the same time, the "pet brother spree" also showed a warm heart brother and brother in the soft side, grab the toys, do not want to let mother worry, the initiative will be toys to his brother. In the face of crying brother and worried mother, sensible Anji often choose humility, even mother Hu He also pleased to say, Anji at this stage as a brother to sacrifice more.

photograph: Mango TV

<" strong> dumplings for grandma crying at Bao Wenjing

Bao Wenjing this week a new mother cry on each other's shoulder will officially open the "independent with baby" mode, dumplings around "grandma days this week to travel, the mother and daughter left alone time. Although there have been grandma exhort, after the independence of Bao Wenjing is still somewhat confused, but soon accept dumplings alone to get along with her mother, mother and daughter get along is bursting point and tears flying point.

typical 85 after Bao Wenjing is a super beauty mother, with her daughter's spare time, she not only ask dumplings to help take the make-up bag, but also take the initiative to give her daughter on the makeup class. Expression of dumplings in the mother's lead trial lipstick, playing awfully, paint rouge and powder, and Bao Wenjing painted her wonderful makeup is more people laugh, but also a new expression package hit. After the

mother and daughter happy time, is to let Bao Wenjing cooking and housework a hands-on, little Bao Wenjing in the kitchen made a lot of jokes. Which has been used to take care of grandma dumplings, Miss grandmother's outburst in a familiar scene, a cry of "small tears", so flustered Bao Wenjing could not restrain the mood, also began to follow her cry together. How

Bao Wenjing will resolve the "new mother" crisis? Anji small fish belly laughs what? At noon today 12:00 TV mango independent broadcast network, the first member, at noon on Friday, the whole 12:00 network free look, hold time Superman line! "Img_box"

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