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of South Korea's largest telecom operator SK Telecom recently under the great pressure of public opinion, or is likely to abandon the use of network equipment HUAWEI, because HUAWEI will think critics can eavesdrop on conversations. SK Telecom said on Tuesday that the company is working to review the intentions of HUAWEI and other equipment vendors. According to Lei Feng network, SK Telecom plans in the first half of this year, and other parts of the region in addition to the LTE base station equipment, the end of the year received a proposal to introduce HUAWEI equipment project, but it is difficult to decide whether to accept.

SK spokesman Kang Hyun-seong, former telecommunications media said: we are

on the selected equipment providers to carry out large-scale review, "we will not insist on specific topics.

, however, the South Korean leader of the conservative party, said:

is well known, HUAWEI and the Chinese government close. If embedded in HUAWEI SK Telecom hardware technology, which will pose a serious threat to national security.

"we use foreign equipment should be cautious, who do not know they are not will become the" Trojan horse "(Troy Muma)", a work in South Korea "Munhwa Daily" of the right-wing newspaper editor Hwang Seong-joon says, "if HUAWEI control of network equipment, South Korea's largest telecommunications company. Through the mobile phone eavesdropping completely technically they.

industry insiders said: after the phone is switched on, the server base station will have data, if the relevant items in the possession of a simple command language, you can easily steal information.

at the end of last year, some members of the U.S. House of Commons and the upper house also expressed concern about the use of HUAWEI's communications equipment communications companies in South Korea, some members forced SK Telecom to abandon cooperation with HUAWEI. In December last year, three Republicans wrote a joint letter to the then defence minister, urging them to investigate the security risks posed by HUAWEI's deployment of a new wireless network in South Korea to U.S. facilities and military forces.

in addition, due to the "Sade" problem, the relationship between China and South Korea recently continued hostility. In this regard, the South Korean SK Telecom has been a huge pressure on public opinion, whether its use of HUAWEI network devices into a dilemma.

and so far, HUAWEI has yet to respond to the matter.

in fact, South Korea Telecom and HUAWEI has been a number of cooperation. In 2013, South Korea's relatively small size, SK Telecom's rival, LG Plus, in the LTE base station for the first time in the HUAWEI equipment, these base stations throughout Seoul, Gangwon and Gyeonggi Do. But succumbed to U.S. military opposition, LG Plus construction of these base stations must stay away from u.s.. 2014, South Korea SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus on R & D 5G network has reached close cooperation with HUAWEI.

due to the high quality low price, HUAWEI has been successful in its supply of equipment to South korea. It is reported that in December last year, HUAWEI signed a cooperation agreement with the Pingchang Winter Olympic committee. The agreement shows that HUAWEI will be the official sponsor of the event, to provide telecommunications network equipment and related services for next year's competition in February.

due to the impact of its SK Hynix tender Toshiba memory chip business, SK Telecom's shares fell 3.07% on Wednesday, has fallen to 252500 won ($233.27). SK Telecom is the largest shareholder of SK Hynix, which holds 20.77%.

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