Malaysia trapped citizens return: the most worried about the family in North Korea


yangshixinwen· 2017-03-31 13:23:08

, Malaysia's prime minister Naguib issued a statement on 30 announced that as of 9 Malaysia citizens were allowed to leave North Korea in response to North Korean citizens of Malaysia also allow domestic departure, and the return of death in Malaysia Korean nationality man's body.

Beijing time around 5:15 this morning, the 9 North Korean citizens who have been restricted to leave the smooth return of Malaysia, arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Malaysia's foreign minister

Anifah: welcome to the 9 Malaysia returned from Pyongyang, and the embassy staff including their families, since March 7th has been forbidden to leave North korea.

these 9 people in Malaysia on the evening of 30 by plane to leave Pyongyang, after stopping China Fuzhou, arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at around 31 local time around 5. Trapped people said that the ban from North Korea during the most worried about their families.

: trapped when the Korean government ordered forbade us to leave, we are very worried, especially, we didn't make any mistakes, but we know that we must keep our spirit. Most of us are most concerned about, our parents and the most pro people, they are also worried about us.

with the trapped personnel to leave North Korea, Malaysia will also be killed at the KualaLumpur Airport, the body of the Korean man returned to the DPRK, and allow North Koreans to leave Malaysia.

Arni Law: autopsy has now been completed, the body has been returned to North Korea, according to family requirements, North Korea is not allowed to leave the ban was lifted Malaysia.

analysis shows that the North Korean man that killed in Malaysia, North Korea and Malaysia have cast a shadow on the relations between the two countries; and then the other citizens detained mutual action, and the relations between the two countries make one disaster after another. However, with the two sides reached a consensus through negotiations, bilateral relations to a certain extent, the deterioration of the situation eased.

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