What is the best school district in the UK?


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world said Yang Yuning from London

recently, the school district room concept in China has been hot. 8 million yuan can not even buy a basement in Beijing, Financial Street school district is even more amazing. Foreign school district room? The money in foreign countries to buy what kind of house, but also to enjoy what kind of educational resources? In the world, said the Commissioner, has recently asked the country's real estate agents and overseas friends to buy a house. This issue is to introduce you to the London School District room market.

in London also have to buy school district room (Catchment area) this statement. In the UK, however, the concept of the school district room in a broad sense, only to choose to attend public school students meaningful. Some parents to allow children to better public schools, will buy property near the school, so that children can smooth the nearest school; as for selection of private school students, parents will not deliberately put the house purchase from the school in position near the area.

London has roughly 34 school districts in different locations. According to the British education supervision office for standards in education institutions - the most authoritative Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children s Services and Skills ") 2015 - 2016 annual report published shows that comprehensive schools and students, London's Kingston upon Thames, Lewisham and Enfield was included in the best primary school district; while Ealing, Hackney and Haringey regions were included in the ideal school.

  at each end of the year, the news media organizations in Britain is different, such as the "Guardian" and "telegraph" will comprehensive British students the GSCE and A-Levels scores, student achievement progress ratio and school reputation and other factors, selected the best London districts and schools have the strongest performance in schools in different parts of

  this map shows in the Greater London area the school district housing distribution. 2013, the London government to create a large area of the school district in the east of the school room intelligent search platform, parents can choose the right school to choose the nearest school district room. The platform at https://maps.london.gov.uk/schools/ 

BBC in March 20th; according to reports, the British Ministry of education statistics show that in 2016, in the England area, as close to the quality of a primary school, the average price of 232 thousand and 900 pounds (about 2 million 10 thousand yuan) of the property, the value of 8% (year-on-year rise to about 2 million 170 thousand yuan); and to the quality middle school, the same price of real estate, representing a value of 7% (rising to about 2 million 146 thousand yuan).

the educational system in Britain is different from that in china. Before receiving higher education, children will receive primary education at the age of 5-11, 11-18 years old will receive secondary education. And in the middle school education (11-18 years old), students need to participate in the British general level examination (GCSE) and A-Levels (GCE), after successfully passed to apply for university. Therefore, parents will pay special attention to their children in secondary school education.

UK secondary schools generally have public (State school) and private (Private school), and school (Boys) and the girls (Girls school) points. Children with good family conditions, most of them will choose to apply for private schools, and public schools by the nearest school policy.

in recent years, more and more Chinese parents from the north and other cities in the first tier cities, began to choose to read primary school or junior high school children to london. When I was living in London, I met many Chinese parents in the subway car to take their children to school and school district in london.

as of 2015, in London, a total population of about 8 million 670 thousand, according to the International Student Affairs Agency (UKCISA) official data show that Chinese students has become the students in Britain's largest non eu. Between 2015 and 2016, about 90 thousand Chinese students studying in the uk.

I in consultation with British education agencies, staff noted that most of the China parents will let the children attend a private school in London, because the best quality for international students in the public schools, will encounter great resistance, is two because comprehensive private schools better reputation. And these Chinese parents will also focus on the Ealing, Richmond upon Thames and schools in northern london.

2016 in September, Ms. Qian from Beijing and her husband and their 5 year old daughter, came to London to visit the British primary school and real estate. Ms. Qian intends to fight for her daughter in the second half of the British primary school, and in the relative depreciation of the renminbi, to do a more prudent investment. Considering the living environment, school resources and public security management and other factors, she is considering investing in the Richmond upon Thames (Richmond) area.

Richmond upon Thames (Richmond) is located in the southwest of London, which is not close to the noise

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